Monday, January 14, 2008

An Unexpectedly Good Surprise

Last night the boy and I decided to go see a movie. It was a toss-up in between "The Bucket List" and "I am Legend." After checking Rotten Tomatoes, we decided to go see the latter (it had a significantly higher freshness rating).

I expected it to be good but only in a "Yeah, it was good...." kind of way. Instead it ended up being SO good! SO GOOD! The kind of good you rave about; like on your blog for instance. If you get the chance, you should totally go see it - and in the theatres too. It's the kind of movie that should be seen on a big screen with loud sound and in a dark room to boot.

Honestly, who knew that The Fresh Prince of BelAir (a.k.a: Will Smith) would turn out to be such a brilliant actor. Kudos to the man! Anywho - here's the trailer. It doesn't even hit at the brilliantness of the movie. But at least it will wet your appetite:

I Am Legend - Trailer

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