Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Christmas and Road-Trip Survival Guide

Tomorrow morning I am California bound! That's's road-trip time baby!

The BF and I will be spending this Christmas down in LA with my grandmother as well as my aunt and her family. We're driving down from the beautiful shores of BC to the also beautiful (but decidedly) warmer shores of Southern California. We hope to hit up some of the usual tourist spots and also make it out to some more far-away and unusual places too - like Baja.

Along the way we'll also do some eating. Not so healthful eating I'm sure. Anyone who has ever gone on a road trip knows that inevitably you end up at fast-food restaurants. And then there is all the Christmas eating itself......mmmmm......Christmas dinner!

All of this eating means that I'm going to have to come up with a way to weather this storm without managing to gain any weight. Recognizing, that this will be somewhat tough (especially since I'll be away from my beloved gym), I have come-up with a survival guide full of tips for making it through this Christmas/Road-trip season:

1. I will take public transportation as often as possible. It's easy when you go on a road-trip to spend too much time in the car and consequently, too much time on your butt!! Lucky for us we'll be based out of my aunt's home in LA and so we will take public transportation as much as possible. Forcing us to get up and move!!

2. I will indulge while still continuing to make smart choices. Usually I don't eat carbs. But carbs are what Christmas is all about!!! And so I will have those cookies but limit myself to a reasonable number. If there is eggnog I'll have one cup and drink something less evil the rest of the time. And if I don't like something I simply won't eat it. Because if I'm going to expend precious calories on a treat, it better be worth it.

3. I will get away from the usual indoor attractions and hit the outdoors - nature's gym. California is a beautiful place! And it's blessed with some amazing parks and beaches. At any of these places you can get in a good hike or beautiful walk with stunning scenery. The same holds true for most road-trip destinations. So instead of spending all of your time indoors, make sure you go outside and take-in the beautiful sights while getting in some exercise too! Bonus!

4. I will pack a picnic. Picnics are great fun and a good way to make sure of keeping your calories in check. Instead of buying some take out go ahead and stop by the local supermarket on your way out - buy yourself some fruits, cold beverages of the H2O or sucralose variety, some protein, and perhaps a little treat. Bring along a blanket and you have a yummy and calorie conscious meal!

5. I will stop when I am full. Too often, we get lured into eating for the sake of eating. This Christmas, I'll try to listen to my stomach and stop when I'm full. To make sure I get to sample everything I want, I'll have smaller portions too. That way I won't miss out but I won't over-indulge either.

6. I will make good choices at fast food joints. One of my favourite sites on the web is FitSugar. It's full of great healthy lifestyle info. One of their features which I LOVE (particularly in the context of this survival guide) is their Fast Food Breakdowns. You can refer to those handy little guides at any time. That way when you walk into your nearest (and maybe even dearest) fast-food joint you can be aware of what you're putting into your body, and plan your day accordingly.

7. I will relax, rest, and return happy. Too often, Christmas is a stressful time. This year I'm going to go out of my way to make sure that I relax and enjoy every moment. Whether it be the beautiful sights I'll see on my road-trip or the random little things that will make me smile. I'll enjoy it all. Because after all a happy person is a healthier person. A stress-free me, is more likely to be able to return (on January 2nd) to my job and give it my all. And more importantly, I'll be more prepared to tackle the inevitable New Year's resolutions that are to come!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, my Christmas and Road-Trip Survival Guide. Not everything in the list will be applicable to you, but chances are you can take something from it and incorporate it into your holidays!

And so I bid you adieu - and wish you and yours a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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