Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And then it all went Topsy Turvy

Hola peeps:

This time last week I was somewhat impatiently waiting for the Fiance to get back from a trip near the border. I say impatiently because I knew he was bringing with him my gift from the Blogger Secret Santa exchange. Around the time I expected him to be home I got a call:

Fiance:  Hi. I'm calling to let you know that I rolled my truck.
Me:       No you didn't!
Fiance:  Yes, I did.
Me:       SHUT UP! No you didn't!

Eventually he was able to convince me of the fact that he had in fact been in an accident. Turns out it was less of a roll over and more of a flip (as if that makes it any better). Thankfullly (gracias baby Jesus) the Fiance emerged with nothing but a few bruises and one tiny little cut on his finger. His truck on the other hand wasn't as lucky.

Lesson of the day #1: Watch out for black ice on crazy mountain roads!

Lesson of the day #2: Always wear your seat belt - you see when the truck finally came to a stop the Fiance was left literally dangling by his seat belt. He then had to free himself, kick his door open (the truck was resting on the passenger side) and pull himself out like you would from a submarine.

Lesson of the day #3: Carry a flashlight in your truck. That way you can crawl around gathering your Fiance's Blogger Secret Santa present which has spilled in the ditch.

Which is basically my way of saying thank-you to my Secret Santa - Caroline of the Broccoli Hut. It's also my way of telling you that I don't have any pictures of my goodies as they weren't exactly blog-worthy after the accident. Nonetheless, Chickpea did send me some awesome Kashi cereals, Odwalla bars, trail mix (peanut free!), and a lovely magazine. I was especially thrilled since you can't find these Kashi cereals or the Odwalla bars in Canada.

Muchisimas gracias Chickpea! :o)

The Yummy Factors - High Altitude Eats

But enough about unfortunate accidents - let's move on to some gratuitous food pics!

My parents were extremely generous this Christmas! One of the presents they gave me and the Fiance was a gift certificate to dine at the 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN tower. It's kind of a fancy pants restaurant that serves delicious gourmet food. As an added bonus it also rotates once every hour. Meaning you get ridonculous views of the city - perfect for a first timer like the Fiance!

We chose to go up during our last week in Toronto. To get up the tower you first have to go through some very serious looking security. The technology at the CN Tower is better than any I've seen at any airport - they even make you step through a machine that blows air at you and detects explosive particles. Once successfully past that point you get into a glass elevator. That's right. Glass. Glass on the bottom and glass on the sides. You then make the climb up to the observation deck (the elevator ride lasts approximately one minute).

Since we were early for our dinner reservations the Fiance and I hung around checking out the city sights and enjoying the most spectacular Toronto sunset!!!

Just as the city was beginning to descend into darkness, we headed upstairs to the restaurant. I've been to the 360 many times before and it always looks different. For a while there it had a very classic decor, then they changed it up and went ultra modern. This time I think they've finally settled on a decor combination that doesn't take away from the spectacular views!

After spending some time looking through the menu we decided to go for the prix fixe (set menu). I chose the spicy shrimp as an amuse bouche, a charcuterie platter as my appetizer, a steak as my main meal, and a sour cherry and apple crumble for dessert. The Fiance ordered similar starters but instead chose a pork tenderloin as his main and a bread pudding for dessert.



Everything was absolutely delicious!!!! But BY FAR the star of the evening was the charcuterie platter. It included cured meats, pickles, caramelized apples, blue cheese, mustard, and bread sticks. It was seriously spectacular! Next time I think I'd go back, skip the prix fixe, order the charcuterie platter, maybe a side salad and then a dessert.

All in all it was a fantastic evening with wonderful company. :o) And it was all thanks to the generosity of my parents - I really am grateful to my mom and dad. You see, living in the sticks you don't get to experience fine dining very often. So this was a real treat! Not to mention it also helped us celebrate our engagement in a proper way - even if it was many months after the fact.

Gracias mom and dad! :o)


J. said...

Oooh, this looks delicious! I heard that 360 was only semi-okay, but this totally changes my mind. I need to try it, if not just for the experience!

Marlene said...

You know, I've lived here all my life and have never dined at the 360. I think the hubs and I need to treat ourselves one of these days. It sounds wonderful and the food looks DEVINE!

Sorry to hear about your fiance's accident. Thank goodness he was okay!

Anonymous said...

Oh I bet the views would be gorgeous! And so thankful that your fiance was fine after the accident - what a scary phone call that must have been (you know, after you believe him haha)!


Krista said...

Thank God you fiance is OK! Yikes!

I haven't been up the tower in ages. My hubby is chicken and refuses to get in the elevator. Bock bock!

Jocelyn said...

So glad your Fiance is ok!
That restaurant looks amazing! I've never dines in a 360 restaurant, I'm sure its awesome though!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Okay first of all, holy crap fiance!! Sweet lord thank goodness he's alright. Scary!

Second, that dinner looks amazing! Question, the glass elevator with glass on the bottom, people can't look up your dress can they? Cause that would be a little pervy. The food looks amazing and that steak was honking huge! Awesome!

Shannon - said...

d your blog and wanted to say hi -- what an amazing dinner!

I really look forward to reading more ;)

Chic Runner said...

So glad he is okay!!! That is so crazy.

ALSO dang, that food is looking AMAZING!!!! I'm so jealous :)

Tania said...

i was at the 360 last week and was quite impressed at the food quality, its definetly improved!

That Pink Girl said...

So glad he's okay. Scary!

Burp and Slurp~! said...

OMg, what a scare. Thank goodness he's ok!!

The dinner looks great, but I'll bet the views nailed it. Wow, so romantic, and so beautiful!

A Toronto girl out West said...


I've eaten there in the past and it hasn't been as good. But this time it was great!


The Fiance is just fine! :o) God was watching out for him!!


This is his second such accident. The first one was way worse. The truck rolled multiple times and ended up absolutely twisted. He walked away both times. God is good! :o)


lol You know this time being in the outdoor observation deck scared me. It was super windy and it threw me off!


It's great! Worth it for the views alone! :o)


Ahahha - nope no peeking. The glass elevator is all inside the concrete shaft of the tower. No one can see up!


Thanks for dropping by! :o)


The food was nom nom nom all the way! :oP


Totally agree!!!!

Pink Girl,

He is - I'm super thankful to God that he totally walked away!

Burp and Slurp,

Oooo you're new here! Love it! I went and checked out your blog and it's awesome. I'm going to have to add it to my reader!

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Always good to hear car accidents that end without injuries.

Revolving restaurants are fun. I've been to the one at the Marriott in Ottawa a few times, and it's so beautiful at night with Parliament all lit up.