Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Chosen One - the wedding gown edition

WARNING:  If you know me and will be attending the wedding please do NOT read this post! It will contain spoilers as to the wedding dress I chose. I much prefer that you be surprised and awestruck in November than now!


Whew! Now that I've taken care of that . . . Happy New Years peeps!!!! I hope you had a wonderful time ringing in 2010 with those near and dear to you! I spent New Year's Eve with the Fiance, Daisy, and my family in Toronto. It was our last night in the city which made the moment all the more melancholic. I was admittedly sad at the airport but I've decided instead to be happy for the moments I shared with those I love, in the city I love. Besides, I accomplished so much in Toronto, including finally choosing a wedding dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When last we left off there were four contenders - Rasia, Ronda, and Hebron by Pronovias and Diana by Enzoani. I spent a good chunk of time considering my options and decided that Hebron would not be "the one." She just wasn't flattering on my body - I loved the bling but the flare started too low for my body type.

That left me with Rasia, Ronda, and Diana. On this visit I tried all of them on again (and possibly again after that :oP).

Once in Toronto I quickly eliminated Diana. She had some lovely details but I was concerned that her top was way too wide for me and not very flattering. Given that it was way too wide on a dress that was two or three sizes too small I knew that it wouldn't get any better.

After trying on way too many dresses during four (!) visits to bridal salons I narrowed it down to five finalists. It came down to two girls you've already met and three new contenders.

Rasia by Pronovias: Where let's face it "It's all about the back!" She was my mom's early favourite. I loved the tiered lace in the back but wasn't crazy about the inverted V fit in the front. Nonetheless it appeared that I'd lost some weight since September and she fit me much better. Her new flattering approach kept her in the running!


Ronda by Pronovias. She was the first dress I tried on where I couldn't stop staring at myself. I loved her delicate lace. I loved how she fit my curves in a totally flattering way. But I didn't love the sheer fabric that formed the straps. It came in too far and detracted attention from my face. But that could be fixed. Funny thing is she would have looked better strapless. I also wanted to make sure that she stayed tight to my body (I saw a picture of a bride in her Ronda and it was lose - which I didn't love). Turned out it would cost $800 in alterations to add more structure and make her strapless. Eeek. But still. She was so lovely.

Meet Hebra by Pronovias! She's fun, she's young, she's flirty, she's fashionable. And she made me feel awesome. Threw you for a loop didn't I!?!? She was very different but I loved her. Truth is I looked awesome in Hebra! She fit just right. Aside from sweet hearting the neckline there was nothing I would change. But was she right for a wedding or more for a party? I wasn't sure right away.

Behold the gorgeousness that is Medina by Pronovias. I have no qualms in telling you that Medina stole my heart. But not before she made it skip a beat. She was exquisite! Luscious really!!! And I looked amazing in this dress. She fit like a glove. When I tried this dress on with a matching ivory veil I got teary eyed. It was the first time I felt like a bride. But she was heavy. We're talking 25lbs of heavy!!!! Tulle, canvas lining, fitted satin heavy. I was still determined to wear her but was it the best idea for Mexico? Everyone including the sales lady said no - emphatically no. But I wasn't listening - then on my third visit I tried her on after having already spent four hours trying on dresses. Cue the dizziness. The room started to move and I held on to the mirror for support. It didn't help. I was growing faint and I had to step off the stand I was on and get her off ASAP. She was gorgeous but was she worth it? I would have to spend twelve hours in my wedding dress! They told me that they could lighten the lining a little. She would still be heavy. But my God I felt like a bride in the gown . . .


And this is Malibu from the 2010 Pronovias collection. She was literally the last dress I tried on! In fact she arrived in between my third and fourth visits. And wow did she throw me for a loop! She was fitted with more structure than Ronda. I tried on a dress three sizes too small (!) but she was built in such a way that she would still be tight in all the right spots even in my size. She was tulle with lace detailing (the pictures don't do her justice). She was light and yet elegantly dramatic. Plus she was classic. A vision in white. The Spanish bride of my dreams. After straying into satin and party-like dresses could she be the one? Was this the dress I wanted to live on in pictures and cinematography forever!?

So those were my choices. A handful of really gorgeous girls. REALLY gorgeous. The first one to be eliminated was Hebra - I loved her but I feared she would look dated in no time at all. I could picture my children looking at pictures going "WHAT was mom thinking?!?!" lol  Not cool!

The second to go was Rasia. I loved her back but wasn't crazy about her front. I needed to love every part of my dress. I guess we just weren't meant to be.

Then there was Ronda. My first dress love. She would require way too many alterations to get her to fit the way I wanted! And even those alterations were a risk not to mention pricey ($800!). Surely there had to be a dress out there that fit me the way I wanted it to without the need for major reconstruction. It wouldn't be Ronda.

It came down to Medina and Malibu. So different and yet they both captured my imagination in different ways. In the end the choice was clear. I went back for my last visit and didn't want to take this dress off - I spent an hour in the gown and could have stayed in it even longer. Le sigh. My dress.

She made me feel bridal in a way that I had always hoped. She was perfect - I knew she was. And with the right veil . . . it was just too much for me to bear! In fact I get giddy just thinking about her.

What's that?! Which one did I choose:

Isn't she gorgeous!?!?! Yaaaaayyy!!!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

I'm sure you'll understand when I say that's the only picture I will post of me in the dress until after the wedding. I want the ultimate reveal to be a surprise. Yes it will be hard to keep it from you but I'm hoping it will be worth the wait.

Colour me happy. Very happy.


Kelly said...

So beautiful, I love it!
I totally understand you not posting more pictures- we will get to see it in the end :)

Jocelyn said...

You are going to look so amazing! :D Congrats on finally picking a wedding gown! SO Exciting

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! I love it, you are going to look so amazing girl! Pronovias stole my heart too :)

Dairy Free Betty said...

so super pretty!! I love the last dress! Gorgeous!!

That Pink Girl said...

Love them all! Can't wait until the wedding so we can see all of it!!!

aron said...

ahhhh sooo exciting and SO beautiful <3

CarolynM said...

You could walk down the aisle in a paper bag & still look grand...

The tease is thrilling! I love how you factored in the potential opinions of your future offspring...LOL.

You're obviously happy with your choice, which is the most important thing!

Less than ONE year!! Enjoy every minute.

Anonymous said...

SO PRETTY! You're going to be a beautiful bride!

Krista said...

What F-U-N!!!!! All of the dresses are gorgeous. Glad it wasn't me having to choose!

Chic Runner said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures!!! You are going to look AMAZING!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

It's gorgeous girl! You are going to look amazing! *squee*

Erin said...

Totally and completely GORGEOUS!!!!

Marlow said...

It's SO beautiful!! :) Yes please let's motivate each other!!

Marathon Maritza said...

Gorgeous!! I love love love lace so I emphatically approve! Te vas a ver linda, prima!