Thursday, March 18, 2010

Of Bridesmaids, Fitness, and $220

Hola Bloggies:

Random title I know! :o) But I wanted to write a blog entry that doesn't include some sort of travel or restaurant recap. Even my own sister has been known to call our mom (after reading this blog) and say something along the lines of "Does Karen ever work? It seems like all she does is travel!" And while it's true that I love to go wandering around places near and far there's more to life than that.

So here goes a rare picture-less post. . .

Of Bridesmaids

All of you readers know I'm getting married on November 10, 2010 (!!!). This means that inevitably my life is going to get slightly more engrossed by wedding planning. Thankfully I have a wedding planner at the resort to take care of most things but there are still some decisions we have to make on our own. Currently, we're working with our fabulous Invitation Designer to get out the Save the Dates (STDs - unfortunate acronym, I know) as soon as possible. On the wedding party front I've also given A LOT of thought to my bridesmaids as of late. We've been engaged nearly a year and I've yet to ask anyone!!! After much thought I think I have finally made my choices - now to ask them. Initially I thought of giving them a present to ask or write them a letter. To be honest I think I may end up with a combination of the two!  Think something along the lines of bridal t-shirts from Inkbox Designs.

Of Fitness

Here in the Rockies the weather has turned decidedly spring-like. Of course this time of year always turns my mind to thoughts of warm summer days, skimpy clothing, and outdoor sporting events. Certainly I want to look great come the summer (and especially come November 10th). Question is what is my plan?

Recently, I was reading a Runners World cover story featuring Kara Goucher. In the article she talks a lot about the mental game needed to be a runner. It appears that has always been something with which she has struggled. Nonetheless, anyone who looks at her amazing level of success can see that she's conquered the mental game. Often, I think I'm plagued by the whole psyching myself out thing. To be honest I told my trainer I would run a 10K (my only race thus far) almost two years prior to actual running one. Every time one came up I'd always find a way to chicken out. My knee hurt. I had ankle issues. I wasn't ready. You name it - I thought of it as an avoidance technique. Once I actually got around to running the race I realized how absolutely awesome I felt. In one word: accomplished. And yet I haven't run one since.

Last year I announced to the blog that I would be training for a half marathon. I had lots of supporters and I was rearing to go. Training got off to a fantastic start - I was even getting up at 5am to go for morning runs. And I liked it!!! Then I started having knee issues. Bad issues. It got to the point where I couldn't take a single stride without being in imense amounts of pain. It (being my right knee) even hurt when I wasn't running. So I got frustrated and stopped training. This coincided with ridiculously (!) time consuming preparations for a big jury trial and I never did run that half. I felt like I let down my blog readers and I'm saddened by that thought to this day.

Then there is my weight training. I used to work out like a fiend before I moved to the Rockies. I still weight train here but not like I used to on the Coast. Fact is I love weight training. I may not look it but I'm actually really strong. I love that I can lift heavy. And I have great form (lol - did I mention I'm humble too? :oP). I want to get back into doing it hard core.

The sum of all these contemplations is a new approach to fitness. I've done the P90X DVDs but not in a row. Tomorrow I will attempt to start a 90 day cycle. I'm going to be blogging about my experiences every day. On the days where the P90X workouts are shorter (some days can be super long) I will also run. Because it makes me feel awesome.

I'm going to need your support bloggies!!!! Please promise me you'll get on my back if you don't see an update of my daily workouts on this little bloggy of mine!

Of $220

I have a dilemma bloggies. A $220 dilemma. One of my benefits as work is a Professional Development Allowance. We are allocated quite a hefty amount of money every year to make us better professionals. I have spent a large amount of this years money on my gym membership, some legal textbooks, P90X, some workout equipment, and a couple of other goodies. Somehow I thought I had spent all the money - turns out I have $220 left to go!!! Here's the catch - I have to spend that money by the end of this month or else I lose it!!!!

For a long time I have thought of getting a heart rate monitor or something akin to one. I have debated the benefits of  Garmin vs. Polar and I've yet to make a decision. What do you recommend amigos? Here is what I'm looking for:

1) A heart rate monitor function with a comfortable strap
2) The ability to monitor heart rate even when working out indoors
3) Perhaps the ability to tell you when you are in your target heart zone
4) Something that will indicate my pace when running
5) GPS function is optional as I have my Nike+ to tell me how far I've gone
6) Preferably $300 or under

Currently I'm torn between a Garmin 405, Garmin 305, Polar FT60, or Polar RS300X. Thoughts?

Looking forward to this next step in my attempt to be "The Whole Package!" And as always bloggies, I am ever grateful that you are coming along for the ride! :o)


Anonymous said...

sorry that your knee hurts because running is really great to unwind (just recently discovered) but you can do weight training.. I'll keep an eye on you, if you don't update, I'll email you.!!! hahah.....
I have a polar and I like it, it's small and easy to carry around (ops.... I need to use it more often to make my $$ worth it) but other option is a new ipod? i love the latest one because it has video camera! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with my Garmin 305 so I would suggest that - I guess you would need the foot pod for it to work indoors though. If you have Nike+ and like it though I bet the Polar would work just fine :)


Laura said...

I LOVE my Garmin 305..You can turn the GPS off and it will still give you your heart rate. If you want it to track mileage for biking, you need the footpod. There are a ton of workouts you can build into it but if your focus may not be running, it might not be the best...
I loved that article on Kara Goucher. The mental side was always a big block for me.

Allie said...

I love my Garmin 305 but I never use it indoors so I don't even know how that would work. I do know that having a Garmin though makes my runs so smooth because I never have to figure out my miles so if you are wanting to focus on running more it might be a good way to go.

As for the fitness part, I think we all get off track every now and then and it's great to have friends to give you a gentle nudge. I look forward to reading about your progress, you're going to do great!

Nancy@CookbookFixation said...

I have a Polar but I would get a Garmin if I were you. The features are better but you would have to get the footpod if you were running on a treadmill.

I hear you about the running. I started last summer and really hurt my knee. This summer I want to see a physio before I get hurt in preparation to run again. :P

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

I have a Polar and I love it! It will tell you target zones and if you are in that zone. It also gives stats after the workout about what zone you were in, for how long, and if it was the "fat burning" zone. Fun stuff!

Since you have an iPhone, Runkeeper is an app that also does GPS and will track your pace and all that fun stuff. Plus it's free!

Jessica said...

YAY!! wedding stuff!!!!!! Choosing a bridesmaid is soooo hard! I'm having a tough time because one of mine can't make it, but I feel weird replacing her!? You know?!

That's awesome your work has that $ for you!! :) I have no suggestion for you though, sorry!! :)

Have a great Friday!

Jocelyn said...

ok give the 220 to me. Problem solved. :)
You will look awesome in on your wedding day. I'm glad you are getting back into the whole work out thing. I know how frustrating injuries can be (look to me for exhibit A).

Liane said...

Ok, you are my hero for the P90X... I will faithfully support you by reading your blog.
My attention span is that of a flea, so I can barely handle a 30 minute jillian michael's dvd without getting bored!

Marathon Maritza said...

Garmin. Hands down.

I have the 305 and it's practically my BFF, but if you can splurge, I would DEFINITELY go for the 405. It's much less bulky. I have impure thoughts about running my beloved 305 with my car just to get the 405. Shhhhh don't tell.

I've tried the Polars and I'm just not a fan.

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Since I'm not a runner, I'm good with the Polar, because I have no need to know how far I've gone, what my speed is, etc. But since I know you are into running, you should probably look into the Garmins.

Or you know...pick up an extra set of those P90X DVD's and send them my way ;)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Hey, I think I need to email you - I just sat with my boss about my salary for next year and I'VE been allocated a big personal development fund but I didn't know it could be used for things like gym memberships. Or is that just yours? I will have to ask

Get the Garmin. You won't regret it!

I'm so excited summer is *almost* here! I LOVE the summer in Southern B.C.

Kelly said...

#1- STDS make me laugh. I'm sick of wedding planning though. Never really loved it, I hope you do more than me :) I did enjoy asking my bridesmaids. I made them small photo books of us through shutterfly. At the end I asked them to be my bridesmaid. It was fun and they liked it.

#2- I can definitely relate on the knee issues, but I don't think you should feel like you let people down by not running the half marathon. It's not for lack of trying, you had a legit injury. Knees are not something to mess with.

#3- I'm interested to hear about your experience with P90x. My dad and brother did it and loved it, but I don't know if I can dedicate 90 days in a row. It is in your house though which is nice.

A Toronto girl out West said...


lol - Thanks for keeping an eye on me!


Ummm - Garmin, eh!? You know everyone seems to love it!


I didn't realize you could turn GPS off! Good to know!


You training for any races?


I guess the issue is both Polar and Garmin have their appeals. The question is which one is best for me right now!


I guess you could view it as adding one more person instead of replacing her! :o)


Cheque is on it's way! lol j/k :oP But yup I'm definitely getting back into it!


Awww - thanks! :o) The support means the world to me! And I know what you mean about a lot of videos being boring but thankfully the P90X ones don't feel that way to me!


Ahahahah! You're funny prima! :oP So you lust after the 405 eh? I don't know - it doesn't get stellar reviews! Have you played with one before?


lol They may get suspicious as to why I need TWO sets of P90X! :o)


I think it depends on the work place. But generally it's not uncommon that they'll let you use that stuff for fitness!


#1 For all your groaning about the planning for your wedding, me thinks I detected a hint of wedding planning love on your blog this week! :o) lol

#2 Thank-you for saying that! It's hard not to feel bad about it you know. But you're right! :o)

#3 Did they get awesome results? I'm interested to see how it all turns out too! lol

CarolynM said...

Gosh - the wedding is coming up fast!! Good thing you have a planner to help out. I can't imagine the logistics...

Bad, bad knee! Common complaint amongst runners, though. I usually run inside b/c of my asthma, and I find that treadmill running is a lot easier on my joints than pavement running. Mind you, a lot of people find the treadmill deadly boring...=P

A Toronto girl out West said...


I actually don't hate the treadmill that much! Sometimes watching certain shows (like the Biggest Loser Season Finale) can totally make 9 miles go by like that!!!