Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inspiration: Biggest Loser on Oprah

Just in case you were feeling low and in need of some inspiration, The Biggest Loser will be featured on Oprah THIS Thursday!

She will apparently devote the whole hour to interviews with past contestants, as well as, Jillian and Bob. I may be out and about when the show airs but I will make sure to tape it and you should too!

You can find a preview for the show here: link

By way of update I can also report that my knee is doing so much better! And so are my ribs!! I know I did not mention it on here but they hurt so much I feared I had broken them. Turns out it was not anything a few days of bed-rest could not cure. I will be heading back to the gym tomorrow and may even attempt a light jog. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I believe this is what is called a set-back

So it turns out that high-heels with pointy toes, like so:

Don't always mix with jeans that flare, like so:

In fact, sometimes, those pretty shoes can find a way to tangle themselves in the extra fabric of the flare. Thus, causing the wearer (ME!) to tumble forward.

It was not a pretty sight. Not at all! And the worst part is that this is not the first time something like this has happened. In fact, I had a very similar scenario several years ago (I was late for class and running in heels and wide-legged pants). Except that time my fall resulted in a fractured knee-cap. This time I was much more fortunate. My scraped foot, achy wrist, and painful ribs are all testaments to the fact that my knee did not absorb all of the impact.


Don't expect to see my miles increase on my Nike+ account for at least a little while. Yesterday I could barely bend my knee. Today things are better but it's still ridiculously swollen. More worrisome however is the abject pain in my ribs. :o( I think I may have impacted those.

I'll be back at the gym tomorrow (hopefully) even if it only is to stretch. Boo! And I was doing so well too . . .

Friday, October 24, 2008

Moving Even during the Downtimes

In my previous student life I didn't watch much television - I just didn't have the time! Now that my student years are over, and especially living in a small mountain town where there isn't much to do at night, I find myself watching TV on a more regular basis.

But I get fidgety. Oh do I get fidgety! Something about staying still for so long just watching a television screen makes me feel guilty (I think I get it from my mother - she can't even sit through a movie).

And so I came up with a solution that allows me to enjoy my TV watching and burn some extra calories at the same time: I've taken to working out while I watch TV. Think about it - all you need is a soft carpeted surface (or a mat), enough room to spread your arms and legs, and some comfortable clothing. You don't need weights or any special equipment - just move.

I do ab exercises, lunges, squats, a variety of push ups, and some yoga poses. But you can choose whatever you want. Just make sure that even in your downtime you're moving! Every little bit of calorie burning potential counts!!

Who knows, you may even find yourself inspired enough to start working out at home on a regular basis. As for me, I like that a gym provides an "escape" but at least I know that if a gym were ever not available, I would be just fine!

Happy workout!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Avec the boy!

I returned from my trip to Toronto a short while ago and set about finding a new gym here in the Rockies. Good news is I wasn't alone!!! Woohoo!! :o)

After much prodding, pressuring, and even a bit of nagging, the boy joined the gym too. I'm thrilled! He's been active in the past but he's just not a gym person. Problem? Winter is coming and we don't really ski (yet).

I have to confess that thus far I'm very impressed. He's been working extremely hard! I have him doing a training program that my trainer created for him a while back. Unlike most boys I see at the gym (who usually arrive, lift a couple of things, talk a lot, and then leave) he goes hard-core and works hard for over an hour. And he even tops it all off with cardio!

I for one am thrilled and the boy seems genuinely excited about how well he's doing as well as the prospect of a being, and I quote, "hotter!" Whatever it takes!! lol

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Three Years Ago Today!!!!!!!!

I am not really three years old today - but the NEW me, is!!!!!!

You see three years ago today I changed my life. I was about to turn 25 and decided I no longer wanted to be (very) overweight. These were supposed to be the best years of my life and I was letting them slip me by. So I decided to turn things around, finally stop fighting what I always knew I needed to do, and get fit.

Now, in part I had gained the weight due to some severe illnesses and injuries in undergrad. As a result, I knew that I needed a trainer. I couldn't do it alone! I had way to many injuries to work around and I needed someone who would help me adapt my workouts accordingly. Enter the man who would help me change my life and become a really good friend in the process: Nick. Today, he owns a very successful gym in Victoria, British Columbia (a place I miss dearly since my move) but back then he was a trainer at the UVic gym.

Until my dying day I will remember my first workout. For starters, he was great. Extremely supportive and motivational. He first sat me down and talked to me about my goals (I said I wanted to lose 40lbs and get healthy), we ran through some basic fitness tests, and the next session he had a workout all ready to go for me. And Oh. My. Dear. God. I suffered. That's when I realized how terribly out of shape I was. I honestly though I was going to DIE! My heart felt like it was going to beat itself right out of my chest and I was in pain. But I kept at it. And Nick kept on trucking right along with me.

Three years later, I've lost 60lbs, have changed my eating habits, can fit into form fitting clothes, no longer feel like I'm going to die in a gym, have ran a 10K, and am thrilled to bits!!! I would not change these last three years for anything in the world.

The new me is a healthier me. The new me is a happier me. And the new me, is NEVER going back!!!