Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Goals - Including a before and after

Quite a few moons ago I was a big girl. Not anymore though - not anymore! :o) Today's post is all about celebrating a milestone for me. Several years ago I had allowed my health to spiral somewhat out of control - and somehow I got up to 215lbs. Clearly something had to be done about I started working out. And now I look way different!

But in order for you to appreciate how far I've come (60lbs!!!!!) I think you need to see a before and after.

Let's start with my horrifying before, shall we? It's traumatizing to be sure but it's the way I USED to look. And thankfully not the way I look today. Hence the before and after. But enough delaying the is my before:

I am the rather large girl at the very front of the group. Sure this is a particularly unflattering outfit but this doesn't change the fact that I let myself get to be a big girl. Not that it was completely my fault - I ended up that way after some illnesses and really rough times. But whatever caused me to get there the fact remains that I was big. Bigger than I ever wanted to be.

And so it was that when I was about to turn 25 I decided it was time to start loosing weight. And now (several years later) I'm 60lbs lighter. And instead of looking big - I look something like this:

And now instead of being the big girl in the group, I'm the rather normal looking girl on the left. I daresay I feel proud! REALLY proud!!!

Now that I'm what I originally thought my goal weight would be I've turned my mind to something else. My next big challenge! I need to keep myself going so I've entered the lottery to run the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco on October 19th, 2008. I would run the half (not the full - I'm crazy but not that crazy) and would somehow find a way to get myself to San Francisco that weekend.

Crazy huh? Yeah, but I love the thought of it. I relish it even. Too bad the event is so popular that entrance is by lottery. I won't know until April 1st if I got in. But here's to hoping!

And in the meantime I'm going to relish my weight-loss a little more!!! :o)

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Kalyn said...

Way to go, you really do look great!