Monday, March 10, 2008

The Measure of Success - my way

This weekend I went shopping for jeans. Previously this had been a horrible experience that I completely dreaded. Not anymore!

For starters I had to take a gajillion (yes, that's a word) jeans in the change room with me because I no longer know what size I am in anything. In fact I'm convinced my suits for work are about 6 sizes too big. Not cute - frankly I think I look like a bit of a hobo.

The same could be said for my jeans. Up until this weekend they were ridiculously saggy in the butt region. Surely, I decided, I was small enough to fit into tight fitting jeans that were flattering to my figure (including the buttocular area)!

Instantly I started trying jeans on, And to my delight I discovered that I had to keep on trying smaller jeans. It was brilliant! If ever retail therapy offered anyone a boost in self-esteem, it was this past Saturday at my local mall.

Eventually I discovered my new size. When I first started working out I was a size 16 (border line plus size - eeek!). Eventually I dropped down to a 14 and just before Christmas I would say I was a size 12. Over the Holidays I purchased a size 10 pair but I was aware that it was a generous cut (as I was reminded when I went to my local American Eagle and discovered that I couldn't fit into their size 10). Now I know my size.............I purchased a size 28 Guess jeans in a low-cut that was flattering (and a size 8 jeans at American Eagle). Something even months ago I would have never imagined wearing!

These are the first pairs of really great jeans I've owned in my adult life. First non-saggy butt jeans I daresay. And I'm thrilled - so much so that I have to admit I have an urge to admire myself in every reflection! lol That will pass - but for now it's pretty awesome!

Note: Picture courtesy of the Guess website

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