Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's like they took my crack away!

Today I went to go get ready for a run on the treadmill at my gym, when trusty Nike+ system could not find my sensor.

Nooooooooooo.........I knew what this meant. My iPod had warned me last week that I should replace my sensor soon. But I decided to take my chances and ignore the warning. And so this morning I found myself without my Nike+ system.

How was I to run without Lance's voice congratulating me on achieving new records at the end of my run? How about my obsessive need to press the center button and get updated stats (including my pace and distance completed)? And how was I to make it through the hard parts of my run without my trusted power song (a song I pre-select to motivate me that can be accessed at any point)? It was rough boys and girls. It was rough.

And that's when I realized something - taking my Nike+ system away is like taking away my crack (or something akin to that).

Now if you excuse me I have to go hound Apple to send me a replacement sensor lest I perish in it's absence.

NOTE: picture credit to culture buzz

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