Monday, October 20, 2008

Avec the boy!

I returned from my trip to Toronto a short while ago and set about finding a new gym here in the Rockies. Good news is I wasn't alone!!! Woohoo!! :o)

After much prodding, pressuring, and even a bit of nagging, the boy joined the gym too. I'm thrilled! He's been active in the past but he's just not a gym person. Problem? Winter is coming and we don't really ski (yet).

I have to confess that thus far I'm very impressed. He's been working extremely hard! I have him doing a training program that my trainer created for him a while back. Unlike most boys I see at the gym (who usually arrive, lift a couple of things, talk a lot, and then leave) he goes hard-core and works hard for over an hour. And he even tops it all off with cardio!

I for one am thrilled and the boy seems genuinely excited about how well he's doing as well as the prospect of a being, and I quote, "hotter!" Whatever it takes!! lol

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