Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inspiration: Biggest Loser on Oprah

Just in case you were feeling low and in need of some inspiration, The Biggest Loser will be featured on Oprah THIS Thursday!

She will apparently devote the whole hour to interviews with past contestants, as well as, Jillian and Bob. I may be out and about when the show airs but I will make sure to tape it and you should too!

You can find a preview for the show here: link

By way of update I can also report that my knee is doing so much better! And so are my ribs!! I know I did not mention it on here but they hurt so much I feared I had broken them. Turns out it was not anything a few days of bed-rest could not cure. I will be heading back to the gym tomorrow and may even attempt a light jog. Wish me luck!

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