Friday, October 24, 2008

Moving Even during the Downtimes

In my previous student life I didn't watch much television - I just didn't have the time! Now that my student years are over, and especially living in a small mountain town where there isn't much to do at night, I find myself watching TV on a more regular basis.

But I get fidgety. Oh do I get fidgety! Something about staying still for so long just watching a television screen makes me feel guilty (I think I get it from my mother - she can't even sit through a movie).

And so I came up with a solution that allows me to enjoy my TV watching and burn some extra calories at the same time: I've taken to working out while I watch TV. Think about it - all you need is a soft carpeted surface (or a mat), enough room to spread your arms and legs, and some comfortable clothing. You don't need weights or any special equipment - just move.

I do ab exercises, lunges, squats, a variety of push ups, and some yoga poses. But you can choose whatever you want. Just make sure that even in your downtime you're moving! Every little bit of calorie burning potential counts!!

Who knows, you may even find yourself inspired enough to start working out at home on a regular basis. As for me, I like that a gym provides an "escape" but at least I know that if a gym were ever not available, I would be just fine!

Happy workout!


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