Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twilight Week

I guess this is the part in my entry where I should pretend that I've been highly productive in my spare time - truth is I've been spending some time in the Twilight Zone! :oP

I think I became the last person on Earth to catch on to this latest phenomenon. For a long time I avoided the books thinking they were only for kids. It wasn't until I heard some of my 30+ friends raving about them that I considered giving them a try. With my recent and frequent travels I found the perfect opportunity to start the series.

And what did I think of Twilight?

Book one was pretty good. As an adult reader it probably didn't thrill me the way it would a tween. Still I tore through a rather thick volume and quickly ran out to buy the second one. I guess you could say Edward and Bella managed to capture me - hook, line, and sinker!

Book two saw the character of Jacob assume a more central role. While the majority of the book was pretty decent, I nonetheless began to notice the flaws in the author's writing. Primarily, in book two she did a poor job of tying up lose ends.

I absolutely loved book three!!! In fact I have to confess I found myself nearly ugly crying at the very end of the book. Without giving anything away I think this was by far the best written book out of the four. The plot and character development was just superb!!

After the gutwrenchingly brilliant ending in book three I was super stoked for book four. And what did I think? Those are 750 pages worth of reading I will never get back. It actually makes me upset to think about this last book. It wrecked the series for me. Poor writing. The main characters became but mere shadows of their former selves. And don't even get me started on the little nudger. Vomit. :o(

I have come to the conclusion that I need to leave Twilight alone for a couple of months and then re-visit the fourth book. Maybe then I'll be able to stomach it a little better!

By the picture I'm sure you can tell the Fiance agreed to watch the movie. I'm glad I picked up pizza (whole wheat thin crust, roasted veggies, no mozzarella on my half, and goat's milk feta) since the Fiance thought the movie was some new way to torture him! :oP

I actually enjoyed the movie but do yourself a favour and read the book first. It's the only way the story will make sense! :o)

Have you seen the movie? Read the books? Would you recommend either? What do you think of this whole Twilight Madness?

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Ellen said...
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Ellen said...

I am saying to you what many have said to me before: "I could have lent you the books!!"

Welcome to the dark side in any event.

Any plans on coming out to Van next?

A Toronto girl out West said...


lol But then how would the poor author feed her children (because you know she has to have several)!

Did you actually like the last one? I can't be the only one who thought it horrid!!!

And yup - I'll be out in November. I don't know the exact date but you better believe I'm paying a visit! :o)

aron said...

really you didnt like the last one?? that was my favorite one :) i loved 3 too!

Marlene said...

Ohhh, I love Twilight! Def. agree that Eclipse I was a little MEH about Breaking Dawn as well. Planning to re-read at some point.

Jenn said...

I loved 4 the best. HATED 2 (nearly stopped reading but had encouragement) and liked 3 too. Hated the movie too. But I actually loved listening to the Audio books of twilight for long runs :)

But nothing can compare to True Blood!!

Ellen said...

Hey you should come to Van after the release of New Moon.

BTW, now that you are done the series, give Midnight Sun a read: http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/pdf/midnightsun_partial_draft4.pdf

I hated book 2. 1 and 4 were my favs.

CarolynM said...

I worked at the World's Biggest Bookstore over the holidays last year, and when I saw every tween girl in Toronto buying them, I just assumed that they weren't my thing!

I finally got talking to a woman who looked to be 30-ish, and she said they were pretty well-written but a little mushy. Being a fan of neither vampires or mush, I have yet to read any.

But I've been hearing good things from more and more "adults," so I may pick one up at some point!

Granite Gourmet said...

Oh my goodness... I planned to see the movie because I like Vampire myths and my friend insisted I couldn't go see a movie without reading the book it's based on first.

That stinker got me ONLY the first book as a gift, and then I was like an addict waiting for the other books to get re-stocked. So ashamed.

I agreed about the last one, creepy and not where I wanted to see the story go, but I still like the characters enough to let it slide. I read the excerpt of "Midnight Sun" on Stephenie Meyer's website and found it was a good way to cleanse all the negative "Breaking Dawn" feelings. I hope she finishes it.

Nancy said...

I want to read the book but they're always out at the library. :(

A Toronto girl out West said...


Did you ugly cry on 3? lol I sure did!


I think re-reading is the way to go. Truth be told I think re-viewing is the way to go for the movie too. I liked it better the 2nd time around!


Audio books, eh!? I've never thought of that for a run. Thanks for the suggestion! :)


I may be around then. Doesn't it come out the day before my birthday? If I'm there then, you should take the day off and we can go Jimmy Choo for H&M shopping! :oP


You should - although I'm sure you'll find that they're probably more captivating for a younger audience!

Granite Gourmet,

I started reading the excerpt too - and I agree . . . . sure made those 4th book creeps vanish! :o)


I can lend you my copies over Christmas if you want! :o)

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

You aren't the only person on the planet who hasn't checked out the Twilight series - I'm Twilight free, and plan to stay that way. Same with the phenoms like Harry Potter & Titanic. What can I say, I'm just not trendy. LOL.