Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Get Back on Track Week - a recap

Hola peeps!

Boy have I been one sick puppy since I got back. I figure someone amongst the 100+ people that attended the retirement party had the flu (possibly of the swiney variety) and passed it on to me. Boo!

Good news is my illness coincided with the Fiance's vacation so he's been taking care of me. And Daisy has been doing a good job of cuddling up to me. I'm a relatively lucky girl in that respect.

Now despite being sick I wanted to take some time to update you on how one aspect of my vacation time went - getting back on track!

All of you know I felt as though my priorities had gone a bit out of whack lately. Most of it could be tied to the fact that I had been working insane hours and neglecting other aspects of my life. I was determined to use my time in Victoria to kick-start my wellness journey. And that I did!!

I started off my journey by hitting up the local Lululemon and loading up on some goodies (the purple shirt was an early birthday present from my future in-laws - Gracias again!). I know some people motivate themselves to work out with the promise of food or outings. I use uber cute workout gear to get me going! lol

Once I was all geared up I headed to Bodhi Fitness Studio to workout with my trainer (Nick). During my short time in Victoria we managed to fit in multiple workouts together and man were they painful - in a really awesome way!!! lol

Nick is the man ho introduced me to the torture of walking
lunges (while holding heavy weights) across the length of the gym. Torture!! lol

This time he'd come up with a new way to push me even harder. It involved taking a big punching bag off of it's hook
and laying it down flat on the ground. Then the poor unsuspecting client is asked to push the bag across the length
of the gym while running. Oh. The. Burn.

After my very last workout I asked the Fiance to take a picture of my after-glow! I am not wearing any makeup and its not a particularly cute picture. But I wanted a visual reminder of how awesome I felt in that moment. Out of breath. Arms trembling from weight training. Dripping in sweat. Awesome.

I want to feel that way again. I want to feel that way every day of my life. And I'll do whatever I can to make it happen!

How about you - are you staying on track? What do you do to make sure your priorities are straight?

Hasta pronto amigos!!!


healthy ashley said...

You do glow!

And LULULEMON!!!! An outlet just opened in my area and I visited it for the first time ever. I am proud to say I am addicted!

A Toronto girl out West said...


Isn't their stuff awesome!?!? Pricey but worth it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lulumon has the most expensive and cool workout cloth in the world! glad you treated yourself and got back to track! congrats! :D
I need to get back to workout track soon (well... when my mom leaves on monday)

A Toronto girl out West said...


I did get back on track - and it felt wonderful!!! Seriously amazing!

I'd say it was even worth missing the Festival for! lol :oP