Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tales of a Traveler

Hola Bloggies:

Although I won't upload this post until we reach our hotel (and free wifi) I'm writing it just as we begin the climb up the Snohomish Pass that will eventually take us to Seattle. On the horizon I can see the Coastal Mountains in all their splendour. And I have to say their presence thrills me to my very core. Just on the other side is the Ocean. Le sigh. :oD

Although Daisy doesn't know it yet I suspect she's going to love exploring the Coast!! But for now she's blissfully unaware as she sleeps on my lap. :o)

Now while the picture of my puppy may give you the idea that the day has Bern completely uneventful - don't be fooled!!!! In fact we had quite the adventure this morning as we were detained by US officials as we crossed the border.

I kid not. In retrospect it's hillarious we did have some oh oh moments.

I should probabl mention that I cross the border so often that I always carry my passport in my purse. You never know when the urge to engage in some international travel may strike! lol

This morning we happily waited our turn at the border crossing. Once we were at the pill booth I pulled out our passports and Daisy's vaccination records.
Easy peasy. Or not.

First they asked us where we lived and promptly followed that up with asking to whom the car belonged. Since we had taken my Mazda3 I piped up from the passenger side. Next thing I know several people start approaching the car. Since I thought they were training I ignored their sudden movement. Then the Fiance was asked to put both his hands on the window sill (while still seated inside) and I was asked to first remove my seat belt and then his. That's when I clued in something was up. I was asked to exit the car and accompany an Officer inside with Daisy. I was motion towards a chair and asked to keep my hands were they could see them. Playing it safe I didn't even touch Daisy.

At that exact moment I happened to glance sideways and noticed the Fiance was being escorted by a group of Officers with his hands above his head!!!!!!!!! That was when the massive uh oh moment!!!! My lawyer brain totally started turning at that point. Clearly they had mistaken us with someone else but I thought it best to play along. But in my head I was planning what I would do of things got out of hand.

Eventually things got straightened out but not before the Fiance was fully frisked. Turned out the optical license plate reader mis-read the last letter on my plates. Turned it into an M instead of a W and it came up as stolen. Crazy times!

Thankfully the rest of our trip hasn't been as eventful. I've spent it enjoying time with my family. Catching up on Shape Magazine. Getting a kick out of the fact they recommended our wedding location in Cabo:

And generally getting excited about finding my way and getting back on track! :o)

I'm enjoying myself bloggies. And it should hopefully be smooth sailing from here on in!

See you soon!!!

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Jocelyn said...

OH. MY. GOD. How crazy! You really shouldn't have stolen your own car. That is just nuts that they did all that to you guys at the border! Hope you have no more trouble!

Marlene said...

Wow, talk about some excitement at the border. That would have totally freaked me out.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

CarolynM said...

Oh NO! Border security FAIL. Ah well...now you have a funny story.

greymoff said...


Nuts, eh! lol Made stranger by the fact that we're so ridiculously clean cut and everything. lol

I'm hoping I don't get another accidental hit for a stolen vehicle in the future.


Thankfully we both were really calm. I did have a moment where I thought they'd want to strip search me next though! lol :oP


Can you believe it!?!? They asked us what we did afterwards and laughed about who they'd managed to catch! lol :oP

A Toronto girl out West said...

Ooops! Commented as the Fiance - 'twas actually me! lol

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Fortunately, I've never had any crazy moments crossing the border. That's always my fear while travelling, and why I refused to go to the States for work - I wasn't being blacklisted just for my job! Glad it all worked out though :)

Girlfriends Fit Clique said...

I love the picture of IT is not FItness it is LIFE. That is so true if you are in it only for the outside apperances you will never stay with it. You have to stay with the goal long enough to see the effects on the inside too!!

A Toronto girl out West said...


I've crossed the border dozens of times and that's the first time I've had anything go wrong. Hopefully it will be the last time. :o)

A Toronto girl out West said...

Girlfriends Fit,

Isn't that the truth!!! I really need to get back on track because my life is so much better when it's well balanced. And fitness is one very crucial part of that equation!!!! :o)

Laura said...

Holy....something like that is my biggest fear when we go into the US. Can't wait to see your travel pics.

A Toronto girl out West said...


lol I think border jail is my biggest fear. But yes this comes close! lol