Friday, February 5, 2010

Of Lovely Paper Things - The Wedding Edition

Hola peeps!

So let's talk weddings . . . and specifically the lovely paper things that one associates with weddings! Invitations. I have to admit I haven't been a fan of most invitations out there. For the most part they are alright but just don't call to me.

Cue the wonderful Laurie of Designed by Yours Truly.  Laurie is our incredibly gifted wedding invitation designer! And we're so excited to be working with her!!! I first met Laurie when I was in law school and she was working/living in the same city. We were a pair of Toronto transplants who bonded over theme food nights every Wed. for our group ANTM gatherings (oh the snarky comments and yummy eats - how I miss those days!). Having been in her apartment I knew the girl had STYLE!

Some years later Laurie (a graphic artist) decided to design her own fantastic wedding invitations. Soon thereafter she joined forces with Jennifer (her sister-in-law and a fashion designer) to create Designed by Yours Truly. When it came time to design our invites I never considered going with anyone else.

The first thing Laurie asked us to do was to show her a sample of an invitation suite that we loved. The Fiance and I set off to find something and I won't lie. It was HARD. And then we found it . . . an invitation suite designed by the incomparable Ceci New York:

The suite combined some amazing elements that made us just giddy with delight: colourful tropical liners, bamboo paper, formality mixed with whimsy, and design touches that reflect the location of the wedding as well as the style of the couple. We had found our inspiration - finally an invitation that made us both happy and truly excited about the possibilities!!

While in Toronto over Christmas, we met with Laurie (she is Toronto based) and went through some preliminary paper choices. We also went through some invitation samples in an attempt to draw inspiration from those and combine it with the elements we love (!) from our inspiration invites.

Since our return we've been in constant communication with Laurie discussing design elements, paper choices, and fonts. I have to confess this has been a load of of fun and we find ourselves excited about PAPER!!!! Oh the lovely paper things that will result from this process - we (all three of us) are pouring a lot into this invite - in the end we are hopeful that they will truly reflect the essence of our wedding day!!!

Yaaaaaaaaay invitations! :o)


Jocelyn said...

Sweeeet! My sister and I still to ANTM night :D I'm glad you have figured out what you want to do for your invites! One step closer.
Also, your friend looks to have an amazing business going on...are they hiring...hehehe. So happy for you!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

That is TOTALLY something I would get really excited about too! I LOVE wedding invitations and I have saved one from almost every wedding I've ever been too! Haha

Anonymous said...

oh.. these are sooo pretty!!! really good taste! I should start to pick up papers too... but i'm really lazy!!

Jen said...

So pretty.

Jessica said...

so fun!! I haven't gotten there yet!! heeh :)

Michelle said...

I love wedding invitations that are written in a cute, lovely paper.