Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympic Bound

Hola bloggies!

Since we last spoke I've totally been keeping myself busy.

Yes there has been some work stuff involved but it hasn't been that bad. You see I work in the justice system and the courts, like a lot of things in British Columbia, have ground to a halt during the Olympics.

Which means I've had the opportunity to get in quite a good number of hikes!

I've also had the chance to enjoy some of my favourite places at a leisurely rate.

Kicking Horse Coffee? YES please!!!

The Fiance's schedule has been quite good as of late. Consequently he's joined me in some of my leisurely wanderings.

And yes - good meals have definitely been had! Nomnommomnom!

And to burn off some of those delicious meals I've begun a full cycle of P90X. I've also gone back to running. Feeling kind of proud of myself on both fronts!!

And what am I up to now? Funny you should ask! At this very moment we are on our way to Vancouver to take in the Olympics!!!!!

We have tickets to the men's hockey semifinal featuring the USA!!! I hope you bloggies will forgive me but I don't think I'll be able to cheer for my American friends (the arch rival thing gets in the way - lol).

As always, part of the fun is the journey. Which for us always includes loading up on goodies we can't easily acquire North of the Border.

$1 Luna bars! Fage! TCBY! Sometimes I love you to bits USA!!!

Armed Forces Recruitment Centres? Another thing we don't really have in Canada are Armed Forces Recruitment Centres. Which probably explains why the Fiance confused it with an Army & Navy store!!! He stopped just short of walking in and telling the guys inside he was just there to look around! Ahahaha - I would have died laughing!!

Some lovely views...

Yummy breaks...

And ethnic eats later...we're almost at our destination!

The only downside is that we had to leave the puppers at home. Still she's with a family that loves her to pieces! And that makes me a happy fur mommy!

Check you later - from the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hehe... you've been busy but enjoying life.. glad to know you're doing well.

Jen said...

super jealous of your seats at that hockey game.

And your pics made me hungry.

Jocelyn said...

I love all your pictures! :D I forgive you for not cheering for the USA :D


Have fun at the Olympics! Love all the pictures and the mittens ... can't wait to get mine!

Marathon Maritza said...

How awesome! Everything looks delicious and what a blast!!!! Sad no doggy, but so glad your fiance could go!