Monday, June 21, 2010

The First Market Day of the Season

Hola Bloggies:

I hope your Monday is treating you wonderfully!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, yesterday Daisy and I hit up the local farmers market. Given that it was the first market day of the season, we were particularly thrilled to be out enjoying the sunshine and buying lovely goodies with everyone else.



The market was held in the central plaza of a Bavarian themed town. It’s kitschy but it works; this particular town is mega-popular with tourists (especially in the winter and during the accordion festival).





All kinds of vendors were out hawking their wares. But in the end it was clear who stole the show – the fruit and veggie purveyors.







While I was at the market, one of the vendors suggested I check out a nearby health foods store. It sounded like the kind of place I would absolutely love so I wandered over.







Sprout turned out be fantastic. There were all kinds of products I had never even heard of before. I was one happy blogger.

My loot.







Sure I came home $60 (!) poorer than I started the day but I consider it an investment in my health. Given the choice, I’ve decided to support local organic producers.


Do you make it a habit to visit farmer’s markets? If yes, have they already started in your area?


Anonymous said...

I love going to the farmer's market - even if I don't need anything, I just love walking around it and seeing all the fresh produce and fun specialty goods that people are selling. Madison's market actually runs year-round (although in the winter pickings are pretty slim), but the outdoor market that it's famous for started at the beginning of May I think :).

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Hmmm...Kimberly by chance? It's the only Bavarian themed town I know of.

Farmer's markets have been in full swing here for the past month, and it's been great. I don't get to them as much as I'd like, as I'm often working when they are on, but it's all good :)

I highly recommend grilling the baby eggplants. That's what I did with mine, along with mushrooms and red peppers, and made a sammy with pesto and cheese. Heaven!

Jessica said...

good haul!!
those simply organic spice mixes are AMAZING!!!

That totally looks like my regular shopping score! haha :)

Kelly said...

Wow, all those pictures of delicious food are awesome!
What does it mean for something to be a Bavarian themed town...? I've never heard of themed towns?

I have been meaning to go to my town farmers market for multiple years. I am officially going to go tomorrow after reading this post!

a bike rider in the big smoke said...

AAAH THE CHERRIES!!!! I love BC cherries. Eating the most amazing cherries in the Okanagan Valley is one of my earliest and favourite memories.

Can you send me some? :-D

A Toronto girl out West said...


You're right - farmer's markets make great outings. Irregardless of whether you come home with anything.

BTW I recently saw pics of the Madison market on some health blogs and WOW. It looks amazing!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Marianne,'s supposed to be a secret! lol :oP

A Toronto girl out West said...


It was my first time with those spice mixes but they turned out to be real winners.

A Toronto girl out West said...


lol - funny question. But it makes sense.

It's a town that although located in Canada pretends it's in the Bavarian Alps. Everything from the food (Austrian and German) to the architecture is in that style. Washington State has something similar in Leavensworth.

A Toronto girl out West said...

bike rider,

Aren't they delicious!?!? You should come visit us out here and try some yourself!