Sunday, June 20, 2010

A mi padre (to my father)

 Karen with Dad Hands

My father is not a man of many words but those he speaks he chooses wisely.

His strength of character pervades everything in his life.

I know that I have a father that I can count on. I have no doubt he will support me whatever my choices be.

He is a proud man. But in a very good way.

My father is a God fearing man.

Amongst a family of strong-willed people he has been our rock.

I owe my father more than I could ever hope to repay. And on this day I pray that he may be blessed with joy and love.

I pray he has a Happy Father’s Day.


Kelsey said...

awe!!! ur daddy sounds like such a strong and amazing man!!! <3 thanks for sharing!

A Toronto girl out West said...


He is a really great man! :o) Hope you had a lovely weekend!