Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Things Come in Three – now with a HUGE announcement

No Limits Picture

Hola Bloggies:

How have things been going on your end? I hope you had an awesome weekend – and if you’re Canadian, I hope you had a fantastic long weekend!

As for things in the casa, I have to confess today was not a great day. I woke up with a full on fever accompanied with watery burning eyes. It was so bad that it had me blasting my heat inside the car . . . in the middle of summer!!! Eeek! To make matters worse work ended up being a decidedly rough day. I wish I could go back and get a do-over.

But no used on crying over spilled milk, right!?! Besides, I have three wonderful news to share with you today. In light of that awesomeness I propose we move on past my meh day and head on to my news.


Good Thing #1 – The Winner of the POM Giveaway

Thank-you so much to all of you that entered my POM Giveaway last week. I have to confess it warms my heart to be able to host those giveaways; I know I have been on the receiving end of some great prizes from fellow bloggers (the last one coming courtesy of Marianne of From French Fries to Flax Seeds) and I love the chance to pay it forward.

So without further ado. The winner of the POM coupons (as chosen by is . . . .

Jessica of Dairy Free Betty!!!

Woohoo Jessica! No need to send me your addy amiga – a hand-to-hand trade-off will surely take place on Vancouver Island over the next few weeks!


Good Thing #2 – Long Beach Half Marathon

I am officially into week two of my Long Beach Half Marathon training. Yes bloggies, it’s actually going to happen! I’m going to become a halfy (HA!) come October 17th, 2010.

To get me to the finish line I’m using a modified version of Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Program for Novices. His training plans seem to be blogger favourites so I figure I can’t go wrong. Now as fantastic as his plans are I am modifying them a little. For the most part I’m going to try to get myself across the finish line by running in between 3 and 4 times a week; some may run five times a week but I have learned through experience that my body can’t handle running everyday. I’m confident that reducing my number of running days will help me steer clear of any over-use injuries.

To follow my training you can check back on this blog or for more regular updates you can check out my Daily Mile widget on the right hand column of this blog.

I’m seriously excited to do this half marathon!!! It’s first in a series of fitness goals I’ve recently set for myself; I’m even planning on competing in a Sprint Triathlon next summer. And yes, I recall saying once upon a time that I would never do a tri but Ironman CDA changed my life!!!


Good Thing #3 – No Limits Canada

This one is HUGE bloggies! In fact, I daresay it’s EPIC!!!!!

In the recent past the healthy blogging word has given birth to some awesome movements and events (think Operation Beautiful and the Healthy Living Summit). It has been completely humbling to see what this community can accomplish. Recently, a group of us got together and decided that it was high time that something similar come to the Canada.

Today, myself, Susan (The Great Balancing Act), Morgan (Life After Bagels), Scott (Your Inner Skinny), Jen, and Nienke (Revel) are proud to announce the inception of:

No Limits Canada: Health, Wellness, and Fitness Conference

This wonderful conference will be a multi-day event taking place in Toronto, Canada in May, 2011 (final date to be announced soon). The event will be open to anyone, regardless if they’re bloggers or not or even country of residence. We hope you will join us for what is guaranteed to be a weekend full of speakers, hands-on health and fitness classes, photography workshops, foodie goodness, swag, and fun explorations a fantastic cosmopolitan city!!!

Right now the best way to stay updated is through our respective blogs, the official No Limits Canada website, or through our twitter account.

I’m super excited about the event and I hope you are too!!!



Question: Will you consider attending “No Limits Canada: Health, Wellness, and Fitness Conference?”


Kelsey said...

I NEED TO GO TO THIS!!! OMG!!! <3 gonna check out the site now!!


Jenny said...

How exciting! I will definitely consider coming to the conference- it's about time something like this happened in Canada!

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Good to know you received your prize :)

I would consider going if a) it was somewhere I could drive to, and b) wasn't during school time - can't really miss out on that I don't think. But it's all good.

Jocelyn said...

Sorry you weren't feeling good! Thats rough. You are going to kick butt on the half!!! I'm so excited for you

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Whoooo! My half is on the 17th too! We are half sisters! ;)

And hells yes I'll consider coming to your event! Whoop whoop!

MirandaJayne said...

I will def be coming to the event, 1. cuz these conferences rock and 2 I'm like right next door how could I not go? I told Morgan I'm more than willing to help out should you guys need extra help

Jessica said...

yay!! What a fun post for 2 reasons!! :)

Just bring the coupons with you and I will see you!! We just have to figure out a time!!!!!!!!!!

The conference sounds amazing!! :)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Very cool!! I would definitely consider going depending on cost etc.

aron said...

so awesome!!

i am soooooooooo excited you are going to be in LB!!!! AHHH we will get to meet :) :) :)

Krista said...

I will absolutely attend the conference! SO EXCITING!!!

Anonymous said...

I will attend the conference!! So exciting! Although I'm in Ottawa I'm willing to help out if you need anything!