Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today Was a Good Day

My afternoon was decidedly laid back and relaxed. And it was all thanks to a 3pm power outage that saw our boss let us leave early,

I have to confess I scurried away, lest the power come back on or my boss change his mind.

Once I was a safe distance from the office I decided to head to the gym for a run. Let’s just say it could have gone better. Clearly, the bananas in my breakfast are not agreeing with me. Noted.

After quickly rushing home for a snack I grabbed Daisy and headed out for one of our doggy hikes. It was kind of a cold and slightly wet day so we all played it safe and wore an extra water-proof layer.

Yes, even Daisy. She’s cool like that!


The emptiness of the trails was quite in contrast to the summer months teeming with other dogs, hikers, and mountain bikers. It was kind of nice to feel surrounded by the solitude of the forest. Of course that may just be the fact that we brought a hunting knife and bear spray for protection talking. Ha!

In all seriousness though, grizzlies and their cubs have been out and about in alarming numbers lately. Combine that with the fact that there are cougars, coyotes, wolves, lynx, and black bears on the trail and you can’t blame us for being prepared.


Like Daisy’s coat? It’s Gore-Tex and even has a reflective strip for greater night time visibility. Yeah, it’s mighty high tech of my puppers.


As an added bonus, it keeps her a tiny bit cleaner when she ends up muddy after our hikes.


Of course, what would one of our hikes be without our usual follow up dinner. Tonight’s menu is brought to you courtesy of the latest record run of wild sockeye salmon in British Columbia’s Fraser River.


You could taste the freshness of the fish in every bite.


All in all a wonderful night that left me feeling relaxed and ready for what tomorrow will bring.


Question: Have you ever had any crazy wildlife encounters? Do share!


Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

We even get the coyotes and bears in the 'burbs! Both have been on our street, including coyotes in our backyard. I've come across bears while hiking as well, but they were on a blueberry mission and didn't care about me.

a bike rider in the big smoke said...

Nothing too crazy really, but a dingo was blocking the trail I was on and trying to stare me down, on Fraser Island, in Australia!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Rocky has a jacket and booties for winter time. :)

My biggest animal encounter is either with geese or raccoons. LOL!

That Pink Girl said...

Look at Daisy, so fashionable on her walk! Too cute!

A Toronto girl out West said...


I've had a couple of encounters too, with no harm coming from them. My fear is that my little dog looks mighty appetizing!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Bike Rider,

Did he get your baby!?!? lol Bad joke. I know. I know.

A Toronto girl out West said...


You should take a picture!

Daisy needs booties too but it's hard to find good ones that fit her little feet. I'll look again this winter!

A Toronto girl out West said...

That Pink Girl,

lol You know it! :oP