Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ski Bunny - Before and After

So I went skiing. It was an awesome day and an incredibly good workout! I have to admit by the afternoon I was completely beat and nothing short of exhausted.

And here is some photo evidence - this is the BEFORE picture:

I wasn't really angry. More like squinting against the bright snow! lol Mind you, I have to agree I look mean!

And this was the AFTER . . .

You can tell from my hair-line that I've been sweating A LOT! But I had a great time (despite my multiple wipe outs near the end of the day) and I think I'll definitely have to try it again.

And for the record, I skied for 3 hours (1.5 pre-lunch and 1.5 post-lunch). No small feat for an absolute beginner. I'm rather proud of myself! :o)

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