Friday, January 16, 2009

Tales from the Grocery Aisle

Oh Soup . . . why do you deceive me so.

I work in the downtown core of my small (small) Rocky Mountain city. Often, I go back home for lunch but when things get busy I don't always have the time to get away. That's when I find myself at my local grocery store trying to find something healthy to nosh on in a hurry.

Cold Rocky Mountain winters + hungry me = soup

I try to be good and follow the rules. No bread or crackers on the side. No soups with pasta or rice in them. And certainly no creamy soups. Usually my choice ends up being a tomato basil bisque. Simple. Relatively healthy. Or so I thought.

Today I stopped by my local supermarket and noticed that the soups usually sold piping hot from a pot at lunch were also sold in larger take-away servings. Behold my soup in detail, this time with nutritional information included:

Just in case it's not clear it has 23 grams of fat per cup of soup!!!!! TWENTY-THREE!!!! I nearly fell off my chair. And here I thought it was just a tomato bisque. Simple. Not some evil red creation in a bowl.

Never. Again.

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Sunny said...

That's funny, the same thing happened to me last week. I bought a can of tomato soup because I thought it would be a healthy choice and it had alot of calories and CARBS. Huh??