Friday, January 30, 2009

Yogalaties - how I love the way you kick my butt!

I have to confess. I have a new love. *gasp* It's yogalaties . . . not only awesome for your body but mighty fun to say too! Try it? Yogalaties, yogalaties, yogalaties! lol Even the O.C thought it way funny.

Anywho - I had tried some yoga in the past. Mainly for stretching. I would end up feeling relaxed and yes more flexible but that was about it. Years ago I used to do a lot of pilates too. I owned a pile of Mari Winsor DVDs and I used to do them religiously. Mind you I'd somehow managed to convince myself that all I needed in my (severely) overweight world was pilates. Not so much.

Enter yogalaties. I've taken this class a handful of times at my new gym. And I heart it!!! It lasts an hour and honestly it kicks my butt every single time. Heaven forbid I sneeze or cough the day following a class. 'Cause oh my Lord does that ever hurt!!! But it hurts so good!!!

And what is yogalaties? A mixture of yoga and pilates! Yoga is a traditional Eastern practice, from India, that involves stretches and poses. Pilates usually involves mat work, a lot of ab exercises, and the use of your own body weight for resistance. Yogalaties combines the two, in what I find to be a faster series of movements than your usual yoga sequences. It tops it all off with a bit of pilates. My particular class is probably more yoga- than -laties but it is so much more effective than any yoga I've tried in the past.

My gym holds the class twice a week. But only one of those classes falls during non-work hours. I have to admit . . . if I could . . . I would attend a class every other day! What can I say? I'm a FAN!

As a result I would love to be able to find a DVD that accomplishes the same thing! Any recommendations anyone? I thought maybe Rodney Yee's Yoga Burn may do the trick. But I'm not so sure!

The search continues . . .


Oh She Glows said...

haha it!!! :) I am a newbie to yoga's so challenging!

Love your blog- by the way I'm a fellow canuck too! yay!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Glad you enjoyed it! :o)

BTW I went and checked out your blog - it's awesome!!! And O.M.G. homemade Larabars? I'm going to have to try those!!!