Monday, January 5, 2009

Things that Make me go OW!

Things that make me go OW!?! Skiing!!!

I have to confess that yesterday afternoon I took a couple of really high quality spills on the ski hill. The morning was flawless (or as close to flawless as a first time skier can get :oP) and over lunch something happened. I lost it. So I fell. No biggie right? That's what I though . . .

Man was I wrong.

My entire body hurts. Really hurts. That part I can deal with. But my Lord my neck is in pain!!! As a result I decided to skip the gym today and baby myself. I did 45 minutes of yoga in an effort to stretch myself out.

Here's hoping I don't sneeze again tonight - 'cause that hurt like a mofo!!!

Owie . . .

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