Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feed Store meets Mini-Mart meets Diner

Hola Bloggies:

After our crazy night we woke up ready to finally make it to Boise. We drove quite a ways and then realized our hunger monsters needed feeding – STAT! Lo and behold we found a feed store/mini-mart/diner! lol




This place was country to a T!!! Admittedly, I’m not the kind of girl that eats Prime Rib (the size of a plate) for breakfast but I figure traveling is also about taking in the local culture. And listening to the cowboys (yes – real ones) talk about “If the weather gets better maybe we’ll rope some steer today” I realized this establishment was a genuine reflection of the ranching lifestyle.



I tried to be good and order the healthiest thing on the menu – the vegetarian omelette. You should have seen my face when the waitress brought out my massive plate of food! I kind of wanted to ask some of the cowboys to help me out! lol As starving as I was I couldn’t even come remotely close to finishing my meal. This was the best I could do . . .


Half my plate of food. And then I rolled out of the place. lol I was so stuffed I didn’t eat again until I met the most wonderful tapas at about four that afternoon. Tapas in Boise? Yup! Turns out they have the largest population of Basques outside of Spain! Go figure!!! But that my friends is a story for another day.

How do you feel about diners? Love them? Hate them? I have to confess part of me always wants to order a country biscuit but I hold back!


Run Sarah said...

So funny we just missed each other in Boise. I actually LOVE it here!!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Run Sarah,

Isn't it awesome!??! Go figure, eh! Prior to being there if you had told me Boise was cool I wouldn't have believed you! lol

Kelly said...

Ooo I've got my eyes on that potato next to the omelet looks delicious!

A Toronto girl out West said...


An Idaho potato!!!!! :o) True to lore they are delish!

Anonymous said...

You took awesome pictures!!! it is so pretty :-D

The omelet makes me mouth watering !
Tou Tou

A Toronto girl out West said...

Tou Tou,

Thank-you so much for the compliment!