Monday, April 19, 2010

Kombucha and Chobani – a brutally honest review

Hola bloggies!

So in recent times I’ve had the opportunity to taste test some blogger favourites. These particular samples weren’t sent to me by any manufacturers. Rather, they were purchased with my hard earned money. Not that how I obtained the samples ever affects my judgments. When I say I love something I really do. Likewise, when I give something a thumbs down you can trust I’m being totally honest.




Kombucha is one of those products that live on in food blogger lore. Those who love it – LOVE IT! But there is also an equally large portion of bloggers that think it’s absolutely horrible!

Since I can’t get any in my corner of Canada I had to wait until I went South of the Border to pick up a bottle. When I saw it in the grocery store I squealed with delight! lol I wish I were joking!


The maker of Kombucha claims that the juice helped his mother successfully battle cancer. The bottle also boasts a myriad of different health benefits. Truth be told when I picked up the bottle I had no idea it was that good for you – I was just curious.

A search online revealed that Kombucha is a fermented tea used for medicinal purposes. In fact it’s actually made using a culture (similar to yogurt really). Now before purchasing this product I thought it was made with a mushroom – turns out mushroom is just the term to describe the fact that the ingredients have created a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Disappointed

I popped the bottle open and took my first gulp. Immediately I felt the gas of the fermentation on my tongue. It threw me off! Usually I associate that taste with fruit (at a restaurant for example) that is past its prime. And then there was the taste. Hard to describe. It wasn’t really sweet and it wasn’t particularly bitter. But it did taste slightly sour and wrong. Like you should be checking the best before date and considering chucking the whole thing.

Unfortunately I only managed a couple of gulps of Kombucha until I called it a day. The Fiancé then finished the rest but admitted it tasted like the stuff that comes up when you throw up a little in your mouth. Gross.

Bottom Line: I would never have Kombucha again! Maybe if I were dying of thirst in a desert but even then I’d hesitate a little. Surely, there are other ways to get the same nutritional benefits. Dear God, please tell me there are other ways!!!


The next product I tried was Chobani – thus far I have tried both Fage and Oikos and loved them both! But there was always one more brand missing my Greek yogurt triumvirate!



In general I love Greek yogurt because it’s ridiculously high in protein! Basically it’s akin to a strained non-fat (or low-fat) yogurt. The straining concentrates the protein count and makes the yogurt very rich. So much so that it can often be used as a substitute for sour cream in recipes.


In the past I have had both plain and honey Greek yogurts. This was my first time having a fruit in the bottom kind.

Overall I have to say I was really disappointed in this yogurt. Usually when I open up other Greek Yogurt containers I find them filled to the brim; that makes me feel like I’m getting great bang for my buck. When I opened up this container I found it about 3/4 of the way full. Not impressed.

Then came the texture – to be perfectly frank it was watery. I also found the flavour to be slightly too sweet for my taste. On the whole I felt I might as well have been eating your standard supermarket yogurt.

Bottom Line: I would stick with Fage or Oikos instead of this particular kind of Greek Yogurt. I would however be willing to try the plain flavour of Chobani, in hopes that I would like it better than the strawberry flavoured version.

Ooooo…….kind of harsh today, eh!? That’s okay though. I think I owe it to my readers to be honest.

Catch you later bloggies!


Anonymous said...

i agree with you on both products. Kombucha, no thanks, it's just gross! chobani is cheap but that's what you got! If I want greek yogurt, I'd pay more and get fage or oikos! :)

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

I have yet to try Kombucha, I am not that brave! LOL

I agree about Chobani, it's also very sweet. Way too sweet for me. What I love about Fage is that it can go either way. It can be sweet or savory depending on how you use it.

Anonymous said...
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Run Sarah said...

I have a Kombucha from WF in my fridge for over 8 months I have yet to may have even expired, haha! I haven't tried any of those brands yet - recently tried Yoplait which was great but the ingreds werent great.

Kate said...

I love these reviews! I eat plain Greek yogurt and I see the flavoured ones and I always want to try them but then I think they might be too sweet. Thank you for that review, i can stop pining for Chobani all the way over here in Ontario.

Jessica said...

I like Kombucha, but the plain flavor isn't very good. I really like other flavors though!! Never tried that brand though!! :)

And of course no greek yogurt for me!! :)

Krista said...

I don't mind Chobani, but prefer Fage for sure. As for kombucha? I will never try it. Especially after the fiances description! *shiver*

CarolynM said...

LOL...I find it funny that the fiancee drank the rest of it even though it tasted crap-tastic.

I might try it if I'm desperate...otherwise I'll just take your word for it!

Let's hope we are never stranded in the desert with only Kombucha & Chobani to keep us

Nancy@CookbookFixation said...

I tried Kombucha at a health fair they had a month ago. It tastes like someone liquefied the pink ginger that they serve with sushi and put it in a bottle. Utterly disgusting.

I`ve only ever tried Liberté Greek Yogurt which is pretty good, but only comes in plain.

Liane said...

I'm in the "absolutely hate it" Kombucha camp and proud of it :)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Thanks for your honest reviews! I have never tried any of the greek yogurts that the food bloggies all rave about! I can't find them anywhere in Kamloops. Must get on that!

Anonymous said...

I love Kombucha but girl you are nuts to try the plain original flavor as your first one! I started with the fruity stuff like grape :).

Laura said...

Thank you for HONEST reviews. I really get tired of the: "I got this free and love it" story. I have seen Kombucha and while I was intrigued, it still scared me. I'd rather eat my way healthy.

Katy ( The Balanced Foodie ) said...

I wouldn't drink the original!! That was brave of you. I really only like the grape one. I started with guava and loved it but now I can't really even drink that one. Try the grape, seriously. You can't let that flavor be the deciding factor! :)

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

I would highly recommend giving kombucha another go with one of the "flavoured" varieties. Whole Foods in Vancouver sells some, and they aren't that bad. The price is what turns me off! Although obviously, you don't need to have kombucha in your life to be healthy either :) Next time you're down here, we'll get you some fruity stuff to try.