Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kelowna – as seen by the Fiancé

Hola Bloggies:

Usually when I travel to a new place I make sure to take a ton of pictures to regale with which to fill this here blog. However, on my Kelowna trip I was inside a conference room learning about the law. Thankfully the Fiancé had a chance to do some exploring.

Being the thoughtful boy that he is he took lots of pictures and said to me “Look!! You can post them on the blog!!” True story. Smile

And so here they are – the pictures of Kelowna (Okanagan Valley, BC) as seen through the eyes of the Fiancé:




Turns out there were wonderful hikes in the area! The Fiancé said he went up and down multiple mountains. I can imagine they’re the kind of places that would be fantastic for summer hikes. Can you imagine how fantastic the views would be on a clear summer day!?!?!




I love that there is a Japanese garden right in the middle of the city! Totally unexpected! Oh to be there when the cherry blossoms bloom!


And although this is the only picture – you’ll just have to believe me when I say Kelowna has a fantastic path right on the lake front. After work it was filled with runners and families taking a stroll. Overall I was totally impressed how conducive the city is to a healthy outdoors lifestyle.

Question of the day: Is your city conducive to a healthy lifestyle? Do you think the city you live in influences how healthy you are? Before living in the West Coast I would have said no but now I know it can make a HUGE difference!


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I LOVE our province!! Kelowna is one of my fav cities ever! So pretty. The half-marathon I ran there was GORGEOUS!

Kamloops is VERY conducive to healthy living - they have a huge paved path that goes along the Thompson River and because it's in a big valley there are more hiking trails then I can count!! Where I grew up is not nearly as encouraging of a healthy lifestyle as places I've seen in Southern B.C. but it's slowly getting better!

Jessica said...

I love Kelowna, I lived there for 5 years! There are TONS of amazing places to walk/hike there!! SO fun!! beautiful pictures!!

I totally think where you live influences it, when I lived in Calgary, I typically only worked out inside, because I was scared to do it outside... (bad guys you know? haha) Now here, I am outside much more!! And it's BEAUTIFUL!! :)

Hope you are having a great day,

A Toronto girl out West said...


BC is an awesome place! And I seriously look forward to seeing Okanagan once things get a little warmer! :o)


I hear you! Funny thing is I find the place I currently live in not so conducive to healthy living. Sure there are trails and stuff but they're not accessible. For a lot of them you need to off road for a long time before even reaching the trail head. And the city just isn't very walkable.

Victoria on the other hand . . .