Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Loss of Control

On this short vacation I have discovered a couple of things:

It is difficult to control your eating when you don't buy the groceries. Let's face it - if I were in control all of my bread would be whole wheat stone-ground bread, all of my cheese (if any at all) would be goat cheeses or fat-free, and any fruit spread would be artificially sweetened. That's not always the case when someone else does the grocery shopping. Especially boys - boys usually aren't prone to buying things like that. At least there is no junk food around or yummy white bread - I can't be trusted around yummy white bread!

On vacation I tend to want to splurge a little more with my calories - and then I end up regretting it. Take ice cream for example - it's been really hot here this weekend (in the 90s for the Americans reading this, and in the mid-30s for everyone else). The heat has been intense and we've taken quite a few country drives. Along these meandering mountain roads one finds creameries that have the most beautiful freshly made ice-cream. Perfect for hot summer days - sigh.

Because I don't see the boy very often when I do see him, I tend to cook for him the things that spoil him. The kind of things he likes but doesn't really cook on his own. And that stuff is not always the healthy stuff. And of course I end up eating some too. I anticipate, however, that this problem is merely temporary.

And on that note - here is what I ate yesterday:

Yesterday's Breakfast
  • Two scrambled eggs
  • One piece of whole wheat toast with one teaspoon of huckleberry fruit preserves (it's a local specialty)
  • One half of white bread toast plain (I stole it from the boy)
  • Crystal light iced tea
Yesterday's Lunch
  • Water
  • One grilled turkey breast "burger" on a white bun with no mayo and no cheese (only ketchup)
  • Side salad with unidentifiable dressing - it came pre-tossed
Yesterday's Afternoon Snack
  • Half a praline and cream ice cream cone (shared with the boy then I felt SOOOO guilty!)
Yesterday's Dinner
  • Home-made stove top pork short-ribs (only ate a small amount)
  • One good sized bowl of mixed greens with 1tbsp of calorie reduced ranch dressing (35 calories, 2.5 grams of fat)
  • Crystal light iced tea

Let's see what today brings . . .

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