Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yesterday's Food Journal

Yesterday I was dead tired and slept my evening away. I've been studying like mad (I'm in a licensing course for my profession) so I've had a lot of 3-4 hour sleep days. Not good and it finally caught up with me.

Today, I'm going to go away for the long weekend (Canada Day). I'll be flying to the mountains to go see the boy. I'll also be spending the weekend working on an assessment that I need to complete successfully in order to be called to the bar. In short, my food journal this week will reflect the hectic nature of my life and the fact that I won't be at home and will have to rely on whatever food we find on the road. And let me tell you, in small mountain towns there isn't a lot of healthy stuff to go around.

Anywho . . . to yesterday's food:

Breakfast (post-workout)
  • Gatorade (30 calories)
  • One slice of whole wheat flax blueberry bread
  • Small fruit salad
  • Water
  • Ham and cheese sandwich on brown bread (I don't know that it was whole wheat - it was the healthiest thing they had at the University cafeteria)
  • Medium home-made turkey chili
  • Home-brewed iced tea (no sugar)
  • One serving of Fat-free chocolate pudding made with 1% lactaid milk (they don't sell it in skim form)

Today I will also eat mostly out.....Mainly because I can't leave left-overs behind in my fridge as they will be growing things when I get back. Haha!

Until next time.....

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