Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Such a Tease

Hello bloggies!

It's almost Friday and I for one could not be more thrilled! I have traveled to that far away courthouse (through blizzards) several times this week. I'm looking forward to working out tomorrow, having an office day, and then kicking back all weekend long! :o)

I bet you've been wondering what's been up with my eats this week? Well how about I show you Tuesday (briefly) and Wednesday.

Let's start with Tuesday breakie! I woke up early that morning and cooked myself some of my long awaited plantains:

Oh they were perfect! Ripe and lovely! You see when plantains are ripe and cooked in a pan with a teeny bit of oil they end up tasting like pure butter. They absolutely melt in your mouth and make for a VERY happy Toronto Girl out West! Of course I paired my plantains with another one of my Green Monsters. YUM!

Now there were more eats on Tuesday but I'm going to pass on showing you the pictures. They were kind of appalling. It's kind of what happens when you end up in a teeny tiny town with nothing but a dinner type joint for lunch and dinner.

Let's just say for lunch I ordered what they described as their breakfast skillet. The picture in the menu showed some pan fried potatoes with lots of veggies, some cheese and eggs. In an attempt to be a good girl I asked them to omit the cheese and make the eggs poached. What landed on the table in front of me was nothing like what I was expecting!!! There were very little potatoes, veggies, and eggs. But there were two very large sausages at either side of my plate, one massive slice of ham on top of my eggs, and on top of that about 5 strips of bacon. You should have seen my face. I died!!! And not in a good way!!! Hence no pictures.

Dinner wasn't that great either. half a sad looking hamburger without any mayo. I didn't eat any of the bacon, sausage, or ham at lunch and I omitted french fries and mayo at dinner. Still it wasn't a day I'm particularly thrilled with. So let's move on to Wednesday instead! :o)

My Wednesday started off with a tall glass of Green Monster goodness! Quatchi and Mukmuk decided to sneak into the picture! They're crazy like that! lol

I was away at court for a bit and when I came back to my office I found a surprise waiting for me, courtesy of some new friends of mine:

And inside the box?

And that's all you get to see of my surprise package for now. Why? Because I'm such a tease!! :oP

I indulged in some of the contents of the box for a snack and to aid me with a future review. I plugged away for a long long time on work stuff but took some time off in the afternoon for some of my favourite eats (sushi!) and a bit of fluffy reading:

Funny thing is I used to buy magazines like that long before I got engaged. But now I actually feel legit when paying for them in the supermarket checkout line! :o)

Overall both my lunch time eats and my magazine were a welcome respite from a long work day. In fact I was so busy that I didn't stop until quite late at night (just after 9pm) to eat some dinner.

I still had a teeny tiny corner of my challah bread left so I turned it into a small slice of French toast. It was delicious and the challah will be sorely missed. BUT I hear there will be three loaves up for bids during the Blogger Bake Sale on April, 6th. I'll be bidding for sure!

Highlight of my day? Definitely getting my lovely package! I'm very excited to share the contents with you via a giveaway. I've also been thinking that I should supplement those goodies with a few other of my favourite things. Just 'cause I think you're that cool bloggies!

Hasta luego . . .


Run Sarah said...

Mumuk is the only mascot stuffed animal I am missing...I must find him soon :) My mom loves plantains as she grew up on them but I have never been a fan..I am a banana girl! I love wedding magazines too - I have a whole bunch that I've read through in the past 16 months of being engaged, if you're in the Vancouver area I'd be happy to give them to ya!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Run Sarah:

Mukmuk was so hard to find!!! I dug around a massive bin of Quatchis, Migas, and Sumis until I found Mukmuk at the very bottom. lol It was madness!!

And thank-you for the offer!!! That's super nice of you! I may have to take you up on that next time I'm in Van.

I guess that means you're getting married soon, huh!?!? You must be super excited!!! :o)

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Quatchi is totally my favourite mascot, but Mukmuk is pretty cool too.

And hey, at least you have sushi in your small town - that's something!

Looking forward to your giveaway (or ya know, let your contacts at Honest Foods know you have some fellow BC bloggers that need a hook up! HA!).

Krista said...

Honest Foods? I am all over that! I so wish we could buy their products in Canada!!!

Aimee said...

You are a tease! I just bought some Honest Food products because they are on sale on Amazon, but I would still like to win some :) Can't wait to hear details!!

Sharon said...

Hahahaa, totally love those Vancouver mascots! I totally want one now!!!

And mmmm yummy eats.

A Toronto girl out West said...


LOL Yeah they're surprisingly cute. Especially Quatchi - he's got the adorable monster thing going on! :oP


I read your blog about the sales and wow!!! I'm going to have to post about those here too. In fact I may have to supplement and pick some more too.

Thank God for my U.S. P.O. Box!


See I always assumed it was just me in my little town that couldn't find Honest Foods. They're missing out big time on a really great market. Ditto for Oikos and Chobani and all those other yummy eats!

Do you ever go to the States and load up on goodies that we can't get here?


It was supermarket sushi. The only sushi to be had. Don't go getting all excited now! lol I'm still deprived! :oP