Thursday, April 16, 2009

Please Don't Hate Me - A Barney Butter Review

Hola bloggies!

This past weekend I discovered my samples of Barney Butter had finally arrived. Of course I had heard the lore of the famed almond butter. Bloggers RAVE about it! Some even argue with airport security over it! Clearly Barney Butter inspires much love and devotion.

Hence I was positively thrilled when my Barney Butter was sitting in my U.S. P.O. Box. I rushed home and decided it was time to taste sample it and review it for the blog.

I decided for my first encounter with Barney Butter I would pair it with multigrain waffle. I toasted up my waffle, added a teeny bit of honey, and then smeared the Barney Butter on top.

Oh yeah and I had just come back from a run . . . that's why you can see my Lululemon jacket peeking into the picture! :o)

First Impression: "Gee that's a lot of Barney Butter for only 90 calories!"

Taste: "Gee this is salty. I guess you could say it gives the almond butter depth of flavour."

I thought about it some more however and then decided it wasn't depth of flavour it added. It just made the nut butter plain old salty. :o( I have to say I was disappointed bloggies. After hearing so much about this almond butter I was more than ready to love it! In fact I wanted to love it!

Now it could be that I need to give this almond butter another chance. It may also be that my non peanut butter eating-self (due to allergies) just doesn't realize that this closely mimics peanut butters. Or it could just be that it's way too salty.

Overall Review: Good portion size for 90 calories but my impression based on this limited taste test is that it's too salty!!!

Mind you I LOVED that I didn't have to stir the butter and I would consider giving this one another chance. If Barney Butter wanted me as a customer for life they would make a "natural" almond butter. Then I'd be sold!!!


Sharon said...

Hahaha, that is awesome that you got to try it! Too salty? Boo.

Other than that though, great waffles! =D

Run Sarah said...

Too bad, I am not a fan of salty foods at all...I will stick to my Maranatha!

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

oh.... so bad that you didn't like it... I like it precisely because it's a little salty.
maybe another chance?

A Toronto girl out West said...


They are super yummy! I went through a phase when I ate them all the time!!

Run Sarah,

Maranatha is awesome! I love that it's so pure although I wish it didn't require stirring.


Yeah I think it deserves another shot. It's too bad it wasn't love at first taste - I sooo wanted to like this product!

Meghann said...

haha it's ok I thought Barney Butter taste too much like Jiff for my taste! I'm glad to see now that everyone is recieving the free samples that others are finally starting to agree with me :)

A Toronto girl out West said...


Phew! I was afraid I would be the only one and thus an outcast amongst food bloggers! lol :oP