Saturday, July 4, 2009

The German Edition

Hello Bloggies!

Here in the Rockies I live not too far from a city that fancies itself a German/Swiss city in the Rockies. Truth be told it comes pretty close!

A short while ago the fiance and I decided to head up there for a day. We were originally going to make a trip further a field but we pulled the plug on that (the fiance had just finished working overnight). Instead, we headed to Kimberly, British Columbia for a bit of their farmer's market, yummy eats, and a wonderful hike!!!

I started off the morning with a GLORIOUS pretzel!!! It was actually the smallest least rich baked good they had in the place. It was delicious!!! Just like being in Munich!

While munching on my pretzel I looked around the place. Turns out the head bakers of this particular place have won a ton of culinary competitions. I was pleasantly surprised although not shocked - their goods are really first rate.

After breakfast we wandered around the stalls. There wasn't a ton of produce but there were a lot of random sellers. I ended up picking up a shirt and a summer dress made from recycled saris. It's VERY cool!!!!!!!!! And a wonderful green colour! :o)

The store were I bought my stuff was really great. Kind of funky. Kind of casual. Kind of sporty. Kind of ethnic. Just up my alley. And they also had an acupuncture massage and spa clinic on the premises. Don't be surprised if I head that way again! Especially since the summer weather has done a number on my face (you could basically fall in my pores if you're not careful).

After wandering around the village for several hours we headed up to some local gardens. They're operated and run free of charge by the local mining company. And they have done an outstanding job. They're wonderfully maintained and oh so peaceful. Made me wish my Rocky Mountain town had something like this garden!

Eventually we headed back to the village where I had THE most amazing meal. I think it's the best food I've had in the Rockies. And it all started with something so humble and relatively ugly looking - morel mushrooms:

Aren't they fantastic!?!?

In fact we were going to eat somewhere else and were actually headed there when Chef Bernard poked his head out of his restaurant and lured us in. And he came showing the platter above to show us the beautiful mushrooms he picked at 5am that morning in the Rockies!!!! Did I mention I'm a foodie? Hook. Like. And sinker.

So in we went and I ordered one of the dishes that featured the mushrooms - the schnitzel. I've had schnitzel in many places - including Germany - and this is the yummiest one I've ever had:

My dish came with a tiny little dutch oven type dish (cute!) filled with this German pasta like thing. I forget what it's called right now but I've been told they essentially grate the dough over boiling water. It was oh so fluffy!

It also came with a salad and the highlight - my schnitzel!! I was stunned by the number of mushrooms on my plate. I thought they'd cheap out or cut them up. But nope! In fact I think there was more value ($) in those mushrooms than what I paid for my dish.

It was amazing. In fact I would have licked the plate if I had been in private! LOL Trying to keep it real.

Oh and I should add that for a while I wondered whether the Chef was making up the story about picking in the mountains. But one of my co-workers told me it's indeed true. Apparently people go pick them up in the mountains. Having said that they ONLY come out after a forest fire. I guess they're sort of like the woods' beautiful sacrifice. Yummers!

After our beautiful lunch we went on a hike. Eventually we ended up here:

Isn't it spectacular?!?! Needless to say it was an awesome day. It just goes to show you that a stay-cation can be just as good as something further afield. :o)


Krista said...

Sounds like a wonderful day The village sounds so nice and the photo of the falls is breath taking!

A Toronto girl out West said...


It was a great day!!! Way better than I ever anticipated it would be! :o)

Marlene said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Oh Kimberly...I haven't been there since I was 8 or so. Looks like a fun day.

And I believe your German pasta dish is called spaetzle :)