Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O' Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the day we Canadians celebrate Canada Day! :o)

Happy Birthday Canada!!!!

I may not have been born in this country but I've spent most of my life here. And I'm pretty sure I have maple syrup coarsing through my veins!

To celebrate the birth of my wonderful Nation, I will participate in some outdoor activities in the glorious Rocky Mountains. Specifically, I'm going river rafting with some co-workers and I just can't wait!!!!

The plan is to meet up at 1pm. Divide the vehicles so some are left at the starting point and some at the finish, then we'll raft pretty well all day. We'll also stop for a bit to have a picnic on the riverside. Here's hoping for fun times to celebrate Canada Day!

Now before I wrap up my tribute to Canada I thought I'd share with you a catchy tribute to the "True North Strong and Free," courtesy of YouTube. Enjoy!

Eats - Highlights

I didn't want to wrap up my post without sharing with you a definite eats highlight from yesterday. For lunch a couple of co-workers and I headed to a converted mission. It's now a resort complete with a golf course and several fantastic restaurants.

Since it was such a beautiful day we decided to go for the casual approach and eat on the patio overlooking the Golf Course and some beautiful mountain valley views.

For lunch I ordered their summer salad with a Cajun salmon on top. It was completely delicious! Most of all I think I appreciated how the salad was a really generous size. There's nothing worse than ordering salad for lunch and ending up with something that looks like a side.

Silly rabbits - just because I order a salad doesn't mean I don't want to eat! :oP

Yummy, no!?!?

On the Internet

Fit Bottom Girls have posted an awesome hour-long workout set to Michael Jackson's music. Great idea!

Angela has launched her Summer Glow Boot Camp. It looks like it's going to be great!!! I'm in! Are you?

Look what my AMAZING wedding photographers posted on their blog. To. Die. For.


Erin said...

Happy Cananda Day!

aron said...

happy canada day!!!! have fun :)

That Pink Girl said...

Happy Canada Day! We just love our friendly neighbors to the North! (love the music video too!)

A Toronto girl out West said...




I had a crazy blast!!! :o)

That Pink Girl,

Thanks! And we love our friendly neighbours to the South!

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Happy Canada Day to you too :) Love that grilled salmon on your fancy mansion salad.

Marlene said...

Happy (belated) Canada Day! Mmm, maple syrup!