Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Watch out!!!!!! It's a Stampede!!!! :oP

Hola bloggies!

Oh boy has it been a hard week thus far. On Monday and Tuesday of this week I had long days and ran the trial I'd spent so much time and effort preparing for the last several weeks. Let's just say that after everything finished yesterday I was just drained. Completely gutted.

I work in a particularly trying area of the law (criminal) and some of the files I deal with can take an emotional toil on me. Having said my work is also intensely rewarding! I love being able to help people and there's basically nothing else I rather be doing at this point in my life.

But still - I woke up this morning and honestly came close to taking a personal day to recuperate. Instead I went to work and I'm glad I did. This afternoon called for a nap and some relaxing. Tomorrow I hope to get back to more regular training for my half. I've been good about giving my knee some rest and I think I'm ready now.

Wish me luck!!!

It's a Stampede!!!

Knowing that I had a hard week ahead the fiance and I took an impromptu trip to the Calgary Stampede this past weekend. Yee-haw boys and girls!!! :oP

Stampede is essentially a huge rodeo (the biggest in the world) slash agricultural expo slash theme park. It's Calgary's biggest party and I'd heard rave reviews for years. Being so near the action we took advantage of a free hotel night (thank-you Starwood Preferred Guest Points) and headed towards the action.

Before leaving British Columbia for Alberta we stopped at one of my favourites - the Kicking Horse Cafe in Invermere.

It's a place known for their amazing coffees brewed in house. I love their stuff! Plus they have names that feature Rocky Mountain locations - like the Hoodoos or the Bugaboos.

They also make some delicious food which is what brought us to the cafe on this particular occasion. Bring on lunch!!! :oP

We waited patiently in line and deliberated on what to have for lunch. So many choices and such a small stomach to fit it into! lol

As an appetizer I shared a boconccino, tomato, and cucumber appetizer with the fiance.

For my main course I had a completely yummy Greek sandwich. It was loaded down with fresh summer ingredients. The bread was also not too chewy and not too dry. Perfection. :o)

I topped it all off with a cup of green genmaicha tea (green tea with roasted brown rice). It's basically my favourite tea so I was a happy camper by the time we wrapped up lunch and continued over the Rockies!

While in Calgary we stayed in the Eau Claire market area. Conveniently closed to everywhere we wanted to go and in a super cute area!!!

Our hotel (the Sheraton Eau Claire) turned out to be fantastic. It's pricey (!) but then again so are most hotels in Calgary. If you can find a good deal then it's a wonderful place to stay!

After getting settled in we donned our cowboy hats (okay maybe it was just me) and headed down to the rodeo for a yee-haw good time! :oP

To Be Continued . . .


Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Every year Stampede rolls around, and I think, damn, I should have headed out to Cowtown to visit my friend there and check out what all the fuss is about. And yet, I never go. I think I'm just against all that cowboy stuff.

Marlene said...

I would LOVE to check out Stampede some day... or anywhere out west for that matter! I think a road trip is in order.

Sounds like fun so far! And cute hat!

Marlene said...

Hey again - YES, registration is open. Please spread the word. :) Thanks!!

Krista said...

I bet the Stampede was a blast! I also bet you're glad to have a hard week over and done with!!!

A Toronto girl out West said...


lol Don't be against it! It's all good fun!!! Besides it's not like I take it super seriously - it's all tongue in cheek! :oP


A road trip is DEFINITELY in order!!!! :o)

And I'll make sure to pass on the deets of the race. I'll dedicate a special post to it soon so it won't get buried. Is there a facebook page or event created?

A Toronto girl out West said...


Oh man am I ever!!! :o) A little bit of the trial is still left for next week but essentially the hard part is over.

It's like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

That Pink Girl said...

That mountain view is gorgeous!