Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Conflict Resolution

To be fashionable? To be fit? To be fashionable? To be Fit . . . . you get the idea!

I was a conflicted bloggie earlier this week. I was weighing a big purchase. You see I had been admiring a super girly and fun designer bag. I was all ready to purchase my purse when out of nowhere a good little angel came and sat on my shoulder.

And then it hit me - with the money I was going to spend on the bag I could supplement the remainder of my work fitness allowance (as per the Great $1000 Fitness Dilemma) and get something awesome towards a home-gym.

So off I went a newly opened fitness store . . . .

In the end I gave up the Coach Op Art Sabrina bag:

For a pair of the Bowlfex Selecttech 552 dumbbells:

I can always get the bag later right!? But for now fitness is my priority! :o)


That Pink Girl said...

Oh that pink purse is precious! And how STRONG you are making the choice for fitness over fashion!!!

A Toronto girl out West said...

That Pink Girl,

LOL I knew you'd like it!!

Don't worry though - I still have my eye on it! :oP

Sharon said...

Hahaha, awesome! I love that pink!

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Coach vs fitness? That is hard. I'm a bit of a Coach fiend. I love me some Coach bags, although pink is definitely not my colour. So if I had to pick a PINK Coach bag vs fitness, I'd go with the fitness. But any other colour? I probably would have got the bag ;)

A Toronto girl out West said...


lol the black was also calling to me. Plus it's more practical. But I did find the pink one seriously cute! ;o)

aron said...

ohhh that purse is SO cute!!! I have definitely been making fitness over fashion choices lately too... all about priorities :) GAH

A Toronto girl out West said...


lol Oh those priorities!! :oP

BTW - awesome job on your streak of luck there! I'm kale green! lol