Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Heart Plantains!

Hello bloggies!

The boys family is visiting for a couple of days but they're otherwise occupied at the moment. Which means I'm free to update you on yesterday's eats. :o)

Breakie yesterday was my traditional Green Monster. I thought I would change things up this time by showing you what everything looks like in the blender.

As you can see I really pile things into my blender. There's so much good stuff in there that I'm always full from my breakfasts! So much more than before I discovered Green Monsters.

Yesterday's lunch was an uber-yummy sandwich on a whole wheat bread. The fillings were tomatoes, red onions, pesto, lettuce, goat's milk feta and avocado. Yummers! After my lunch time walk I sat down to enjoy my lunch and read my Fitness magazine.

Welcome to my office btw! :o) That's a small section of it. It's actually rather large and filled with lots and lots of files. I keep really busy at work which helps me to appreciate my down time and my exercise time all the more!

Dinner was a total change-up. The end results may seem a little strange but I had a serious craving for ethnic food!!! You see I was born in El Salvador where we eat plantains. We wait until they're black on the outside (super ripe) and then we cut them up into long slices and cook them in a little bit of oil. Their ripeness gives them an intensely sweet flavour!

But don't be fooled. They're not dessert. We often eat them with breakfast. I used to like mine with a crusty bun and beans. lol Oh my yummy ethnic food . . .

Here in the British Columbia Rockies I can't find plantains. So I tried the same cooking method with bananas and came up with this:

I paired my wannabee plantains with a slice of avocado, a piece of goat's milk feta, half a whole wheat tortilla, and two poached eggs. It was good but nowhere near the beauty of a real plantain.

I highly recommend it bloggies - just keep your plantain until it's black on the outside and then cook them up. Eat them as dessert if you'd like. They're delicious!

Oh and could you do me a favour? Have an extra piece for me! :o)

Today's Workout

1) I woke up this morning and did A.M. Yoga

2) I skipped my lunch walk but walked back and forth to court several times

3) Unfortunately I couldn't run. :o( My calves have seized up and they feel like two little balls of solid pain! I'm off running until I can get them to release. For now I alternate heat and cold.

4) To try to relax the calf muscles I'll likely do more yoga before bed


Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Oooh, I love plantains. I ate a lot of them while in Ecuador this past June. They are quite yummy. I've never tried cooking them myself though.

Leah said...

I love doing yoga before bed. I find it helps me sleep so much!

You had so many nice things in that smoothie! looks yummy!

A Toronto girl out West said...


They're really good! You could probably find them in Vancouver but not usually in Victoria.


I'm with you - it was relaxing and I think it helped! My legs feel soooo much better.

Usually I don't like working out pre-bed 'cause I then have a hard time falling asleep. Not so with yoga.

Julie said...

yoga before bed is the best :)

A Toronto girl out West said...


Something about yoga to either start or end the day really hits the spot! :o)

Sharon said...

Oh wow, I really need to try a plantain!

A Toronto girl out West said...


lol You and me both! Happily, my mom is sending some emergency supplies from Toronto for Easter! :o)

But basically if you have Hispanic people or Caribbean people living nearby you should be able to find plantains.