Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Someday somebody's going to ask you . . .

. . . a question that you should say YES! to . . . for once in your life . . . I have a question for you!

This is the story of the boy and I. We met two and a half years ago at Starbucks in Cook Street Village in Victoria. He was an undergrad and I was a law student. I was a big city girl and he was a boy from a small island. Two very different people that turned out to make a perfect pair.

Truth is I knew he was the one from the very beginning. In fact the night before we were going to go out I said to a friend of mine "I feel like I've been waiting my whole life for this!" It was a funny thing to say because I'm not prone to pronouncements like that.

But I was right . . .

And so yesterday it happened!! I knew something was up because he was acting funny. Insisting we go out for dinner and things like that. I also called him from work and he was out and would not really say what he was doing. I just knew . . .

We went out for dinner but really it was just an excuse to get me outside the house while he set things up. When we came back he had dimmed all the lights except one light which acted as a bit of a spotlight on an open ring box. Holding the most beautiful and perfect ring! :o)

Next to the ring was a card. The boy did this so I would remember what he said, knowing I would be too excited to actually remember. Also on the table was a beautiful dozen long stemmed roses.

He led me over to the ring, grabbed the box, and went to go kneel down. That's when I started bouncing up and down with excitement . . . and accidentally managed to head butt the poor boy! LOL Oh bloggies I wish I was joking but I'm not! I head butted the boy. When he was going to propose!

This led to some serious comic relief. We both laughed and laughed and made jokes about being so new to this engagement thing. :oP

Eventually we calmed down . . . he got down on one knee . . . he asked . . . and I answered. And the rest is the beginning of a wonderful story!

And when did it all set in? Not until I called my parents and told them. After I got off the phone with my Mom and Dad I was overwhelmed with emotion and cried. Tears of joy.

Yesterday bloggies I slept the sleep of the happy. The delighted!!!

And since you asked here are some ring shots I took at work. Please excuse the bling over-load. I love my ring. It's perfect!!!!

A hand shot! :o)

Turns out the Code is a wonderful background for the ring. It gives my point and shoot something to focus on!

Kind of a profile shot of the bling! I heart it!

And from above! I'm going to have to take some more shots in better light. These ones don't do the ring justice. In fact I spent a good chunk of the day sticking my hand in the recesses of my desk (the dark spots!) and watching how the light still came back to me!

And one last shot . . . these are the pictures we received after the center stone was set but before they shipped the ring:

And there you have it! :o) The story of the boy and this girl! The story of the proposal! The story of our love!


Run Sarah said...

Congratulations!! Just stumbled on your blog, I'm a BC girl/professional student/engaged too1

A Toronto girl out West said...


Just like me!!! :o)

Welcome and Congratulations!!

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

It must have been fate if you met in the Starbucks - I thought Moka House was THE coffee spot in Cooksilano ;)

Lovely ring - white gold? I'm a white gold or platinum kinda gal too :)

A Toronto girl out West said...


See there's proof that it's not all about Moka House! :oP lol

And yup it's white gold! I'm all about the white gold or the platinum too.

Sassy Sarah said...

Great story and great ring! Congrats again!!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Sassy Sarah,

Glad you enjoyed it! The headbutting part was my favourite! LOL Joking! :oP

Diana said...


A Toronto girl out West said...


lol Thank-you so much!!! :oP

aron said...

love love love this story :)

AHHHHH i am sooo excited for you :) marriage is SUCH an awesome thing!!

your ring is beautiful!!!!

A Toronto girl out West said...


That's what all my happily married friends keep saying too!! I'm looking forward to joining your club! :oP

Thank-you for the compliment on the ring too. I love it. To me it's perfect!

Chic Runner said...

YAY! Congrats. :) I love the ring it's so pretty and you seem so happy! :) Congrats to you and the boy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story! it is soo sweet! i would totaly head butt during that too! lol. so happy foryou and your ring is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

A Toronto girl out West said...


Muchisimas gracias!! :o) I am happy - thrilled actually!!! But at the same time it's brought on a feeling of peace too. It's awesome!


LOL I'm glad someone out there can understand my need to bounce up and down! Accidents happen! :oP

And thank-you for the compliment on the ring! I heart it!

postie said...

Congrats again we look forward to you joining into our family. Enjoy your excitement. The boys family

A Toronto girl out West said...


Thanks for the welcome! :o) Both on here, on your blog, and in real life. But truthfully I've felt welcome from the moment I first met you!

Leah said...

Oh my goodness, how in the world did I miss this post?!?! I absolutely LOVE your ring! CONGRATS to you!! I'm so thrilled for you!!

My ring has the exact same pedestal setting except mine is a solitaire!

Leah @ Simply Fabulous

A Toronto girl out West said...


LOL No worries! I just figured you didn't like me anymore! :oP lol I kid . . . I kid . . .

I heart cathedral settings! Not too high up in the air but just high enough and usually they fit flush with whatever wedding band you buy. :o)

Are you getting super excited for your wedding and trip back home?

And thank-you so much for the congratulations!!!!!!! :oD