Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Packages Full of Plantains = JOY!

Hello everyone:

I owe you an update from yesterday's eats. They were pretty yummy but more than that I got a lovely surprise courtesy of my dear mom (hi mom!).

I started off my day with breakfast at the office consisting of an apple, a banana, and a small fat-free stirred yogurt. This was a new brand I was trying out. Each container comes with a little plastic spoon. Super cute! :o) I think that alone might have sold me on the yogurt! lol

I finished off my breakfast with a lovely and relaxing cup of Yogi Tea - Greet Tea Kombucha. I love me this tea!

For lunch I ran home to prepare myself something to nosh on. This also gave me a chance to get out of the office and feel like I was really taking a break.

Lunch was a meat-free creation. But you wouldn't know it from tasting it! :oP I love that!! I cooked myself up one spicy Italian tofu-dog with a bit of mushrooms, rapini, onions, and a teaspoon of tomato paste. I paired this with about 1/2 a cup of whole wheat pasta, and a small bunch of grapes. It was a super filling lunch!

At about 4pm I had one of my lovely Green Monsters! :o) It was the usual suspect made up of a banana, kale, spinach, yogurt, mango, Almond Breeze, and flax seeds. It filled me up enough that I had a late dinner.

But before dinner I got a SURPRISE!!! Woohoo!

My mom sent me a huge box full of goodies!!! Goooo mom!

Want to see what was inside?

The goodies included a bag of sanding sugar for my baking, one small bag of Easter sprinkles for the cupcakes I plan to make, edible silver balls for my random baking projects, AND a box of butter chicken masala! That way I can make butter chicken without butter. Num num num!

This was THE yummiest portion of my goodies. My mom sent me six plantains all wrapped up and ready for me to enjoy!! She felt all sorry for me when she read my post about my post about how much I missed plantains - so she came to the rescue! lol I guess that's what happens when I write a post that makes my mom say "mi pobre hija . . ." Translation? My poor daughter! lol

But wait the surprises didn't stop there . . .

This guy came out of the box next! :o) You see my mom has been giving me the Holiday Godiva stuffed animals for years now. It's a tradition and I love it. The bunny came bearing gifts too - chocolate coins. I was so excited I indulged in one.

Next I found something which is essential to my Good Friday Celebrations - salted cod! I know it seems like a strange thing to send all the way across the country but I can't find any around here. And well you see there's a dish that we (people from El Salvador) make every Good Friday that involves salted cod (stay tuned for those yummy eats on Easter weekend). I can't be without it come this time of year.

There was one more surprise which I quickly used to whip up dinner. I'd been craving challah bread FOREVER! Add it to the list of things you can't get in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. :oP

Before working out I opened up this bag and stole one of the end pieces. Oh man had I missed the eggy goodness of this bread!

After I sweated up a storm and worked up quite the appetite I had a carb-o-licious dinner! lol Now I usually try not to indulge in such quantities of carbs so late in the day but the challah bread was cause for celebration. And so I did :o) by turning it into the loveliest French toast ever.

I served up my French toast with a bit of banana, dried cranberries, and sugar-free syrup for dipping. I was a very happy camper bloggies! :o)

My mom outdid herself! Thanks mom!

Should you ever happen across challah bloggies I highly suggest that you turn it into some French toast. Nothing makes French toast like challah bread. Except maybe for brioche . . . brioche would also be awesome!

And now if you excuse me it's time for bed. I got home just about an hour ago (at 9pm!) from the longest day of court ever and the worst driving conditions. We're talking complete whiteouts and black ice in the morning and then a long drive through a blizzard on the way home. Add to that the fact that I spent most of my day making arguments while standing in my 3 1/2 inch heels and well . . . I'm a tired cookie.

Nighty night!


Run Sarah said...

Awesome goodies from your mom! Sounds like you had a crazy day - don't you wish the weather would perk up here?

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

Very awesome of your mom to send you such a great package.

You know, I've never tried challah...or brioche for that matter. Is that crazy? I'm sure it's easy enough to come by here, but I've never bothered to look.

Sharon said...

Your mommy is soo sweet!!!! Love it!!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Run Sarah,

Oh boy do I ever!! It's been rough! And here I was looking forward to taking off my winter tires in April - I think I will have to wait until May. Boo!!!


Challah is actually pretty impossible to find in Victoria. You'd probably be able to find brioche at that French bakery right across the street from the Magnolia Spa and Hotel (down by the Union Club).


lol She is!!! Mom did good! AND she's going to love reading your comment! :oP

Anonymous said...

what a sweet momma!! im drooling over here looking at that challah, its begging me to buy some and make some french toast! YUMMMMMMM


Krista said...

What a GREAT pacakge from your Mom!!!!

Love how green you monster is, yoo!

A Toronto girl out West said...


You should totally listen to what the challah is saying to you! :oP LOL


Yeah my mommy hooked me up! ;o) lol

aron said...

ohhhh i <3 moms :) they are the best!!!

A Toronto girl out West said...


Aren't they!?! :o) PS: I'm sure this is my mom's favourite post. EVER. lol