Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And the WINNER is - plus pimp that blogger

Hola boys and girlies!

I'm back from Cabo and I had a ridiculously good time. I have to confess it's the first vacation I've ever taken where I've done nothing - just hung out and relaxed. It took a little bit of time for me to come off my frenetic pace but once I did. Ahhhhh . . . complete relaxation!!!!!

I came back chill and calm like a cucumber. In fact I think the fiance and I are still living off of the relaxation of Cabo. Oh and the resort was everything I hoped for and more. We loved it so much we're getting married there. That's right - this Destination Wedding bride found herself a venue! YAAAAAYYY!!!!

But more on that later . . .

For now I have a winner to announce!

And the Winner Is . . .

To pick a winner I entered you boys and girlies in random. org. You were all assigned a number according to the order in which you posted. I then let the randomizer do it's work and it popped back #2.

Which means the winner is Mara of I Made Dinner!!! What a perfect gift for a Spanish Teacher!!

Please get in touch with me Mara and provide me with your addy and I'll happily send the little trinket box to you. :o)

Pimp that Blog - Cookbook Fixation

Once in a while I like to feature bloggers that I think have something special. This week I've decided to feature a blogger that is definitely special - and I'm not just saying that because she's my sister! :oP

That's right - the little curly haired girl featured above (the one munching on her head would be me - lol) has recently started a blog called Cookbook Fixation. The sister is a great writer capable of sarcasm and wit the likes of which I can only aspire to! lol She also cooks a mean dinner or dessert. You see I am undoubtedly from a family of foodies.

Now you won't find any low carb type foods on her blog. But don't let that fool you. The sister has managed to lose 100lbs with a combination of diet and exercise. She just believes in indulging but in moderation! :o)

I hope you'll consider popping over and checking out Cookbook Fixation - tell her I sent you! lol


Mara said...

OMG For real?!? Thanks honey!!! I'll send you an email soon :) And HUGE congrats on the venue!

Marlene said...

So glad you enjoyed a relaxing vacation, and congrats on deciding on your wedding venue!

I'm all about indulging in moderation. I'll be sure to scope out some ideas on your sister's blog.

Erin said...

Congrats Mara!

So fun about your sister's blog!

Kelly said...

Definitely want to check out your sisters blog :)
I hear you on the miserable dress experiences. I am always amused when they carry only tiny dresses, I'm like you just made it impossible for most of the world to try on this dress. Every dress I try on is too big in the boobs, so clearly we need to mesh together to try on dresses haha.
Glad you had fun in Cabo!

A Toronto girl out West said...


Woohoo for your win! I'm probably heading down to Idaho this weekend so I'll ship it out from there. :o)


Gracias on the venue congrats! Tis such a relief to finally say we have the place.

Enjoy my sister's blog. :o)


Woohoo for the sister's blog! :o)


LOL That's so funny about your dress woes. I have the opposite problem completely!!! :oP

I'll blog about my wedding dress shopping adventures from Toronto!