Friday, August 7, 2009

Foto Friday

Buenos Dias Bloggies!

If you're cities are anything like mine then it's been blistering hot. And blistering hot summer days often lead me to day dream of cool winter days. So I thought I would feature a picture I took this past winter! :o)

On a random winter's day, instead of staying cooped up inside, the fiance and I went for a walk to a local heritage area. It was deserted (save for a lone cat that followed us around) and cold. But it was also beautiful in a peaceful kind of way.

Of course I took along my humble point and shoot and squatted all over the place to get just the right shot. I have to admit I'm rather proud of my pictures (especially this one) hence why I'm featuring it here today.

See you later this afternoon for another blog entry . . .

Happy Friday Amigos!


Kelly said...

That picture is gorgeous. But I dunno- I like heat better so I never dream about winter days haha

A Toronto girl out West said...


LOL It was a beautiful day and a crisp one at that. Not that bad on the cold front. :oP