Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear SELF Magazine - it's time we talked

Dear SELF:

For years I've been a SHAPE magazine kind of girl but recently I discovered you. And boy was I glad! Since then you and I have become good friends. In fact I have to confess I love your workouts (who knew something from a magazine could kick my butt) so much I've even shared them with my fellow bloggies.

And then you went and did something bad . . .

Don't look at me like that! You and I, both know I'm talking about your September issue.

You decided to publish a cover featuring Kelly Clarkson. Good old Kelly has always been a sweet girl. She doesn`t seem to be at all jaded by show business. In fact she appears to be the same lovely Texas girl who first walked on the Idol stage. Now there`s no denying that Kelly has gained a few pounds in the last year (who doesn`t have their ups and downs). Of course this has led to some vicious media attacks. Thankfully Kelly continues to show a remarkable amount of confidence both on and off stage. She`s comfortable in her own skin! That alone makes her a positive body image role model.

I guess you must agree since you put her on the cover.

But you didn`t just leave it at that - you photo shopped the living daylights out of Kelly. You didn`t perk her up - you took about 50lbs off. And then you had the nerve to position her next to headlines that promote total body confidence. Clearly, you want us to feel good about ourselves just like Kelly. But then why was she not good enough . . . why did you have to alter her so drastically!!!!!

Of course you could smell the controversy brewing so you decided to put out a statement. This was the part where you could have saved yourself. But nope. You dug yourself an even bigger hole and admitted you retouched the photo to make Kelly look her best. You also managed to spout some incoherent dribble about being ashamed of your body even after it got you through a marathon.

Seriously! It baffles the mind!!!!

So here`s the bottom line - I am disappointed in you. I expected better.

From now on you can consider yourself on probation. To get off probation I expect you to practice what you preach. To promote a healthy lifestyle and above all to promote a positive body image. Girls and women are bombarded by the media telling them they are not good enough . . . they don`t need you to contribute to the negativity.

I will be watching.


A Disappointed Reader


The Globetrotter said...

Amen. I couldn't have said it better myself.

A Toronto girl out West said...


I am glad we are in agreement. So disappointing.

Jenn said...

Interesting article: "Two Self editors have announced their magazine was right to give Kelly Clarkson a slimmer body on their September issue, explaining that covers shouldn't reflect reality, but "inspire women to want to be their best". Unbelievable."

Chic Runner said...

I totally agree! I think the whole thing was just a lame excuse and such a disappointment for women who read shape. It's sad to see a role model who has a fuller figure photoshopped. On another note, DAMN those photoshoppers are good, find me one of those. :) I KID! ha ha

A Toronto girl out West said...


Honestly they should just stop talking before they get themselves in bigger trouble.


Ahahah - agree on all fronts! :oP

Nancy said...

I totally agree with what you said Karen. I used to buy Self but the editor's attempt at justifying herself is risible.

CarolynM said...

Bravo, woman. The editor should not have attempted to correlate "being your best" with appearing slimmer. Being comfortable in one's own skin is a worthy achievement in itself.