Thursday, August 13, 2009

Off Again!

Hola Bloggies:

So my conversation with the fiance went something like this tonight . . .

Me: So you have a three day weekend huh?
Fiance: Yeah

Me: *wheels turning* Ummm I should take tomorrow off and we could go somewhere!
Fiance: Really? (he thinks I'm pulling his leg at this point)

Me: Yeah!!! *excitedly* We have a free hotel night at a Starwood hotel anyways!
Fiance: Road trip!!!!

A phone call to my boss later it was all set. I'm taking off on an impromptu trip!! Woohoo!!! Destination? Portland and the Oregon Coast.

We're leaving tonight and driving through the night (the fiance slept all day since he worked overnight) and we'll be back on Sunday night. Can you tell we miss the Ocean? Plus we relish the ability to take off - living in the Rockies you can't really do that once fall gets underway. Mountain passes make for messy/dangerous travels so we have to squeeze in the getaways while we can.

I have to get packing but I wanted to let you boys and girls know where I'll be. I'll be sure to take lots of pics and share my tale when I return!!! :o)


That Pink Girl said...

Have fun!!!

Marlene said...

I need an impromptu road trip! :)

Enjoy! And takes lots of pics for us! (I know you will...)

Bec said...

wow sounds like a great weekend, hope you have a blast!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Wooott! Road trip! Have a great time :D