Monday, May 4, 2009

Bridal Tales: Of Shoes and Dresses

Hello peeps!

As you already know I spent part of my last couple of weekends doing wedding errands. I met with our prospective wedding photographers briefly and then spent the rest of the time wedding dress shopping (!).

It had not been my intention to go dress shopping at this point. In fact I had intended on waiting until my Labour Day visit to Toronto. My friends however were relentless and I was pressured into trying on some dresses.

My vision of the ideal wedding dresses looked something like this:

I had visions of something classic, Spanish influenced (think lace or ruffles), slimming and simply glorious. Now I don't know how I got this idea but I also thought wedding dress shopping would be relatively simple. Man, were those the words of the un-initiated.

I don't know how the rest of you felt but my wedding dress shopping experiences were for the most part a disaster. I was completely shocked to discover that the dress samples weren't in an ample enough size for most to fit into and clip to create the right shape and snugness. Imagine my surprise when the sizes were teeny tiny. My street size is an 8-10 in most things. Slightly more if we're talking about a fitted top (I'm blessed :oP). But in wedding dress sizes I was many sizes higher!

Also, up until the moment I tried to slip on a wedding dress I didn't believe I had a sizable booty. If anything I thought I had a definite lack thereof. The wedding industry says otherwise.

I will confess that I found the whole wedding dress shopping somewhat demoralizing. I had to suck back tears a couple of time and remind myself that I've lost a TON of weight and put in a TON of hard work! I've changed my life and the right dress in the right size will look amazing.

As a glimmer of hope I will let you in on a secret - I did find one dress that I quite liked. It was one of the few that looked flattering so I won't decree it "the one" but it did give me hope! :o)

And now for the shoes . . .

Today I bought myself what I'm calling my "Congratulations you successfully completed nine years of University/Call to the Bar shoes!"

:oP lol Long title, huh? Want to see what all that hard work got me?

Scandalous, aren't they!?!? lol :oD I love me a good pair of red shoes and these red Manolo stilettos will do the trick.

I bought them online at a private sale for 50%. Truth is I don't know if they will fit. Hopefully they will or else I will be in the market to off-load a pair of red Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Depending on what they look like these little beauties will definitely make an appearance at some wedding related events. Perhaps the E-shoot? :o)


Anonymous said...

I was hoping the shoes would make an appearance ;)

And don't get too discouraged about the whole wedding dress thing. I remember when my friend went shopping, her dress was like, a size 16, and she is NOT a size 16 in any way, shape, or form. Same with my cousin who is tiny, her dress size was much larger than her normal size. Forget about the number, if it looks awesome on, that's all that matters!

If you could send some booty my way, I would also appreciate that - me and my pancake ass have issues with jeans. HA!

Run Sarah said...

My wedding dress was 6 points larger than my street size at that time, I felt so awful that it was one of the factors that prompted me to get into shape. I loveee the Manolos you picked out, I splurged on a pair for my wedding at - they have amazing deals on authentic Manolos, you have to check it out.

Leah @ Simply Fabulous said...

Wedding dress shopping can really put a damper on things sometimes. Remember the bridal breakdown I had over my dress? Don't worry... you'll find "the one"... and it will be beautiful!

Love those shoes!

Anonymous said...

loving your inspirational picks for dresses and fab shoes. don't despair about trying on dresses!! although you did make me a bit a larger girl I was just wondering, how would you try on different styles if it's not available in that size?? like you can't try them on? not that im in the market or anything, just information for future!


Mara said...

OMG trying on wedding dresses was ridiculous... the "plus sized" ones were far too big, but the "regular" ones wouldn't go over my shoulders (or hips if they went on that way). I bought mine in Jan... I'm a 14 street size. My dress is a 22. Ugh.

OH, and if you need someone to offload those shoes to... i'm your girl!

itsawrapteacher said...

I am SO JEALOUS of your stilletos! You're going to have to tell me what website you used. I have been dying to own a pair Manolos!

Krista said...

Great shoes!!!!!

I got married so long ago....11 years this month....that I've (thankfully) forgotten the whole wedding dress business! I did LOVE my dress that I finally chose, though!

A Toronto girl out West said...


I have to run so I can't reply to each of you individually right now but I wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU for all your support and encouragement!

You really know how to brighten a girl's morning! :o)

Sharon said...

Don't worry about the wedding dress size, it's just merely a number. You're going to look stunning on your day regardless. All eyes on you, because you'll be HOT! =D

Kristan Anne said...

You should totally wear the Manolos with your wedding dress!!

I almost bought a pair of blue Louboutins for the wedding, but I couldn't justify the price.

Jenn said...

LOVE the shoes! Did you find them on hautelook? I've been drooling over a few pairs -- actually got my first (only) pair of Manolo's at Browns for 50% off a few years ago and wear them ALL the time.
As for the dress, I'm a street size 6 and my measurements had the bridemaid dress arrive in a 16.
I say you find a canadian designer who will work off of measurements!

Erin said...

Red Manolos! Fabulous.

I was a street size 6 and my gown was an 8. But the BM dress I'm wearing in my sister's wedding is a 12 and barely fits. So, each designer is different. It's totalyl demoralizing if you don't know it ahead of time.

Chic Runner said...

oh those shoes are TO DIE FOR! love them and they will look great. Don't worry everyone thinks I'm a size 0 and I'm a size 10 to 12. WAHOO ha ha. I like to think of myself as a dime piece not a ten, aka rob dyerk status. :) you'll find the one don't worry!

A Toronto girl out West said...


lol I'm afraid I have no booty to spare - in spite of what the wedding dresses seem to be telling me! :oP LOL

Run Sarah,

That's a great website - do they ever have Christian Louboutin shoes? What colours are yours?


Thanks for putting everything into perspective! :o) I guess all brides have those moments. Mine just came earlier than yours!

polo 888,

If they're big enough to get past your hips then they'll let you try them on. Good bridal stores have white panels that they pin to the dress to give the illusion of more fabric. Then a good bridal consultant will also help tug and pull things so you can see how the dress would really look on you! :o) Don't despair!!


If the shoes don't fit me then I promise you'll be the first one I'll call! :oP lol


I used Basically it's a website that hosts private sales every weekday. The sales always start at 8am PST and go for a limited time or until the merchandise runs out.

They sell a variety of different stuff but yesterday happened to be a Manolo day. I was thrilled!


Here's hoping you share wedding pictures on your blog some day! :o)


Awwww - thanks! :o) That comment made me smile in a big way!

Kristan Anne,

Blue Louboutins? Oh man! That sounds awesome! Having said that I know a girl who got married in a pair of orange Nine West shoes that would pass for a Louboutin pair any day!!!


Hautelook it was! :o) I'm guessing you're a shopper there too!

What colour are your pair?


I guess that's the thing - I'd always heard bridal sizes were smaller but I also assumed there would be more for me to try on that would fit well. Silly moi!


You already know that comment made me smile! Here's to dime pieces!!!! :oD

Jocelyn said...

pretty dress!!!!!

A Toronto girl out West said...


Isn't it though!?!? I love the lace!

Kristin Joy said...

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