Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Woohoo for Long Weekends

Hello everyone!!!

I'm back! :o) I had a wonderful long weekend. I spent pretty well every moment wandering around both British Columbia and Idaho. Yes. Idaho. Turns out Idaho is a beautiful (!) place!! Most people think I'm crazy when I say that but it's true! lol

Oh and look what I came upon in my Idaho explorations:

After an eternity of hearing all of you wax poetic about the beauty of Chobani/Fage/Oikos I finally found some of my own!!! :o)

You better believe I squealed like a kid in the grocery aisle. I picked a couple up (one for the fiance and one for me) and walked with my treasures to the grocery checkout. lol I was one thrilled cookie!!!

And I LOVED it! :o) Loved it so much I bought a Styrofoam cooler, filled it with ice, and bought 10 more to bring back into Canada!

So you shouldn't be surprised that the beloved Greek Yogurt made an appearance this morning:

An Oatmeal Pancake (a new favourite and the best pancake wannabee yet), with Agave Nectar, and a tub of Oikos. Happy happy happy! :o)

This week is a short week (wohoo!) and next week is full of excitement. I only work 2.5 days, then I drive to Vancouver with the fiance. There I'll meet my mom, attend my fancy schmanzy Call to the Bar ceremony, have some yummy eats and wonderful runs, then take off to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited, I can barely stand it!!!! :oD


Krista said...

Ah, Yes! OIKOS is gret yogurt! Can't understand why Greek yogurt is SO hard to find in Canada!

A Toronto girl out West said...


You mean you've actually been able to find it in Canada!!?? Where!?!? Do tell!

Julie said...

hey girl the me&goji cereal says on the canister 15 servings...its a BIG canister haha. I loveee it and I think its def worth the money to give it a try :) Plus they're SUPER generous with the mixins!

cocoeatsandcritiques said...

I'm from Sun Valley, Idaho and it is the best place in the world!!!!!!! Where did you visit in Idaho? If your a skier Sun Valley is the place!

Priyanka loves food said...

I squeal with joy too when I find something I have been longing for. Like recently I found out that my store has started keeping Chobani and that it is just $1. Can anything beat that?!

I am so going and stocking up!!

Sharon said...

Mmmmm, that pancake looks delicious!

A Toronto girl out West said...


That's good to know!!! It makes buying one of those containers so much more worth it. I think I will have to give it a go! :o)


I think you've sold me on a future visit! :o)


I wish I had paid that much!! The vanilla and plain ones were on sale for $1.99. Stock up girl! Stock up!


It's delish! And quicker than making stove top oats too!!!

frenchfriestoflaxseeds said...

Seeing as you've done the reconnaissance work down in the US of A, did you happen to notice if they sell the Greek Yogurts in large containers (ie - not single serving). I hate the waste of the single serving containers.

A Toronto girl out West said...


This particular store (Safeway) didn't. But then again it's the only store thus far where I've seen Oikos. Next time I'm through (on my drive to Van next week) I'll check for bigger containers! :o)