Sunday, May 24, 2009

What NOT to do During Your Runs

Hola bloggies:

So I've had a bit of an interesting run. Mostly having to do with my run! For a bit there it even seemed like a bit of a gong show. But out of all of it, I think I'd have to say I learned a couple of things!

Running Towards a Half - Update

Saturday, May 23rd

As predicted I ended up taking yesterday rather light. My stomach was kind of upset and I didn't want to risk running. Kind of wanted to save my legs for my Sunday run.

Given that it ended up being a yoga and stretching day. It was a relaxing way to spend my cross-training day.

Sunday, May 24th

Today I woke up and was for some reason completely convinced that I was scheduled to do a 4 miler. Upon double checking my schedule I realized I was wrong. It was only a 3 miler. Whew! 'Cause my tummy was still kind of upset and frankly I was a bit nervous about the first "long" run of my training.

Usually, I do my runs in the evening. Just as the sun is starting to set. That's because the sun here is ridiculously intense. Even when it's not very hot the sun makes it feel like you're absolutely cooking. Nowhere in my life have I experienced such intense sunshine! I figure it has something to do with the altitude (I live in the Rocky Mountains after all).

Now knowing what I know about the sun here you'd think I would know better than to run in the middle of the day. But nope! :oP

Since the fiance worked overnight (and slept most of the day away) I decided I would do a midday run. Really Karen? Crazy moi!!!

I thought nothing of it though, got my Nike+ system into my armband, laced up my shoe laces, tucked my key into my pants and I was off! No sooner had I started than the intensity of the sun hit me. In fact I think it was about the 1/4 of a mile point when I became aware of my intensely parched throat! I don't think I'd ever been so thirsty in my life.

Lesson #1: Running in the intense midday sun is a BAD idea!!!

Luckily, I was only doing loops at a nearby park so I ran back home after one mile and decided to get a drink of water. I also decided to have a bit of a potty break! Now usually I carry my iPod in my armband so I don't worry about it. On this occasion I had taken it out but forgot about it dangling off my arm.

Can you see where this is heading?

I was getting ready to leave the washroom when I accidentally flung my iPod into a bowlful of (clean) water. :oO I scooped it out and did a bit of freaking out. Thankfully after some hair dryer action (I kid you not - lol) I was able to get everything in working order and get back to my run.

Lesson #2: Make sure your iPod is well secured before taking a washroom break!!! Trust me on this one!

I returned to my run thinking the quick drink of water would be enough. I. Was. So. Wrong. One mile later I found myself at home again. Fearing this I had left the water bottle outside. Instead of risking a repeat of the horror of my waterless miles I took my bottle with me.

And my God did I need it! I was heating up like no one's business. At one point I felt an unbearable heat all over my body. I kept on drinking my water and it didn't seem to be enough. I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that I brought the bottle with me on that last mile. Without it I think I would have passed out!

This experience led me to realize that it may be time to invest in a running hat and some sort of portable hydration. The sun here is just out of control and as my mileage increases it's inevitable that I will have to run before the sun starts to set.

Any recommendations on hydration? Fuel belts vs. hydration packs? Any one kind you recommend? I'm open to ideas here! :o)


I haven't eaten too much this weekend. I just haven't found myself that hungry. For the most part I've had a very late breakfast and a relatively early dinner. Something about the warm weather makes me eat less.

Yesterday's dinner was outstanding! It featured a beautiful sirloin steak and a mound of roasted veggies!! Since we're going on vacation (wooho!) soon this was a fantastic way of using up a lot of vegetables from our fridge.

I topped this all off with a cold Granny Smith apple later on:

This morning I had was in the mood for a very light breakfast (really wasn't hungry). So I chose to try a new bar.

Want to see the stats?

Overall Review of the Pomegranate-Cherry Optimum Bar? I would NOT buy this again! My first thought when biting into it was "WHY does this taste like medicine!?" I finished it but I'm pretty sure that was because I was hungry. It's a fail.

Before heading out for my run I had 5 (not pictured) almonds.

When I came back I was starved so I decided to head out to buy some groceries. Unfortunately not much of what I wanted was on sale. In fact I think I only saved about $1.50 today. Still I got some yummy eats:

TOTAL COST OF MY GROCERY HAUL? Just slightly over $58. With my money I was able to buy some organic free-range chicken thighs (boneless and skinless), a large container of artificial vanilla, Kosher salt, a massive amount of unsweetened shredded coconut, WW hamburger pita buns, veggie burgers, Rice Works Sea Salt chips (these things are like crack!), brown rice cereal, guacamole, So Good ice cream, and lean bison burgers (lower in calories and fat than beef any day).

While we made dinner we snacked on the brown rice crisps. I have to admit that in between the fiance and I we managed to polish off the entire bag before dinner. Granted neither of us had really had lunch and we were mungry! I probably had slightly above one serving and the fiance had the rest.

Dinner for me was a delicious veggie burger with a side salad and about a teaspoon of light Greek dressing:

Inspired by the ginormous energy bar fail I set about making my own using some whole grains and super foods (guided by the brilliant Heidi Swanson). The end result was delicious and way cheaper than buying overpriced grocery store bars. Usually bars in my town will cost about about $2.50 cents. I spent way less on these beauties:

I couldn't help myself and made one of these beauties my dessert! :o)

It's been a wonderful weekend bloggies and this upcoming week will be crazy!!! On Wednesday afternoon I leave for Vancouver. I'm there Thursday and Friday (the day of my Call to the Bar :oD) and then we fly out on Saturday for just shy of a week in Mexico. It's going to be awesome!!!

And on that note I think I'll call it a night! Until tomorrow friends!


frenchfriestoflaxseeds said...

I'm all about the bison over the beef - it's great. I haven't tried those Rice Works chips. I've only had the sweet chili I think? And I didn't really enjoy them that much. Perhaps I will need to pick up a bag of the sea salt ones.

Good to hear your iPod didn't die after it went for a swim!

A Toronto girl out West said...


The sea salt ones are seriously like crack!!!!! I don't buy them often because I can't control myself around them. lol

And thanks - I'm glad it didn't die too. I was SUPER scared there!

CarolynM said...

Live & learn! I think your area gets the most sun in BC...glad that you (& iPod) are OK.

I see a lot of people running w/these belts that have 2-4 mini H20 bottles stuck in 'em (i.e. Endurance 4-bottle belt) Do you have a Running Room near you? They have a "quick draw" torso pack if you prefer the idea of one bottle strapped to you like some sort of firearm. =)

Krista said...

Thanks for the bar review! I'll stay away from that one...

What a run you had!!! You're a trooper for finishing it! ;)

A Toronto girl out West said...


Yeah I'm considering buying one although I anticipate I'll feel like a bit of a poser until my mileage really increases! :oP But it has to beat feeling like I'm going to die.

No Running Room here - closest one is in Calgary I think. But I'll try to stop by one in Van. So much to do in the big city and so little time! LOL


It was a definite fail. Too bad - I'm always ready to love healthy products.

And yeah it was a crazy run alright! :o)

Sharon said...

PHEEWW the toilet bowl was clean. LOL
And Rice Works? I need to try some! =D

peacelovepb said...

i know what you mean about running midday - i can't do it either. i feel way to icky.
great eats though :)

a bike rider in the big smoke said...

i'd say for running go for the belt with the small bottles. For biking, hydration packs works fine cuz you're not bouncing up and down. But that quantity of water all in one pack while running I think could get annoying.

It's surprising how much water you need on a sunny day...and it's pretty dry where you are. Probably doesn't feel like you're sweating too much because it's evaporating so fast...but you are, a LOT and you can't run for long like that! Silly! :-)

A Toronto girl out West said...


It's another snack I would classify as pure crack! lol You'll love them! Go for the Sea Salt flavour! :oP


I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it unbearable. I know some of my co-workers only require hydration after an hour but I was dying SO quickly! I melted! Like butter!


It was BRUTAL!!! I don't think I realized how horribly dehydrated I was until today. I don't even know how many liters of water I've drank!!!!!!! :oO

Jocelyn said...

I like you "what not to do." All very true! I haven't dropped my iPod in water yet *knock on wood* but I have dropped my phone several times. Some how it still lives.
You're picture of the apple made me laugh. It needed a holy light around it

A Toronto girl out West said...


Phone in water. Eek! Must make a mental note to avoid that one too! lol :oP