Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Outdoor BBQ of the Season!

Hola bloggies:

I got home late yesterday and I didn't get a chance to blog or read/comment on your musings. Needless to say as a result my Google Reader is just about ready to pop at the gills! :oP

Let's play catch-up!!!

Running Towards a Half - 20th of May

Yesterday's schedule called for 30 minutes of cross training. Apparently this is to allow you to recuperate from your run days and to diversify your workout. Given that weight training is covered off on other days, I decided instead to do some yoga!

As some of you know, Rodney Yee is my main man when it comes to that department! :o) So I did a half an hour workout courtesy of Power Yoga: Strength and Flexibility. It had been a while since I had practiced yoga on a daily basis and boy could I tell! I was TIGHT!!! I'm going to have to keep this up if I want to be limber for my runs.

Today's Adventures

Today has been a l-o-v-e-l-y day! The sun has been out, the sky has been blue, the birds have been chirping. The whole works! Just the picture of early summer beauty!

To start off my day I made one of my delicious oatmeal pancakes. These are completely delicious but I have to admit one is not enough to last me through to lunch. It either takes two pancakes or one with some yogurt on the side.

My morning pancake was plain with a bit of agave syrup but I'll show you the fiance's since his was prettier:

An oatmeal pancake, plain Oikos yogurt, and some thawed mixed fruits (we buy them frozen in bags because they're cheap and there when you want them). Let's say the Oikos yogurt has been a HUGE HIT in the Toronto Girl out West house. In fact I may have had multiple servings yesterday. Yes, that's right - breakfast was yogurt (2) and dinner was yogurt (2). lol But I did have a normal non-yogurt lunch.

What can I say!? Oikos and I have decided to become secret lovers! :oP lol

Half-way through the morning I tried a new product and Odwalla juice which I have to say turned out be a good Green Monster (rawr!) substitute:

Want to see the stats on this bit of LifeFood?

Overall Review on Odwalla LifeForce juice? It's yummy and a good substitute for Green Monsters! In a pinch I'd totally consider buying one again. Still I wouldn't run out to get them BUT I would recommend them!

As for lunch . . . can you guess what I ate? lol No sillies! Not Oikos! ;o) I met the fiance at a local park and enjoyed a meal al-fresco:

Ah . . sushi never fails me! Of course there's not enough veggies in there so I split a tray of crudites (I didn't have any of the dip) with the fiance:

For dinner we decided it was high time we have the 1st BBQ of the Summer Season! :o) Woohoo for cooking that is healthy and involves minimal clean up afteward. I lurve it!

Of course, with it being the first bbq of the summer we didn't have anything to start the fire with. So as we fiddled with our hibachi my hunger pangs became more like screaming hunger pains. Thus some nibbling was in order:

I ate about half a bowl of butter-less popcorn. Then the fiance busted out the serious crack. I mean snacks! lol :oP

Yes - I may have stolen some of these nuts too. What can I say? The fire was taking a while to get going and by this point I felt like eating my arm. lol :oP TMI? Prolly!

Note the lovely cashews:


Eventually with the help of some fire starter we were able to cook our chicken breast skewers which were promptly incorporated into one of my ginormous salads!

I kind of over did it on the snacking so I only ate about half my actual dinner. But it was oh so yummy! I can't wait until the next time we bbq it was such a fun evening! Sitting on our porch bbqing, drinking cold bevys, listening to some music, and rocking my new sunglasses.

Oh what's that? You'd like to see them!?!? lol :oP

That's right! I pan to be styling on the beaches of Mexico!!! :oD I'm pretty well in countdown mode at this point.

That's it for tonight bloggies - now I have to head outside and get in my 2-miler for the day.

Hasta Luego! :o)


Run Sarah said...

Loving the sunglasses & BBQ...perfect weather as of late! Now you have me wanting to run the Victoria half...worried my first few months of school around that time are going to be crazy though...decisions, decisions!

Erin said...

Those are totz HM beach sunglasses! Love the hibachi bbq.

A Toronto girl out West said...


LOL I thought you might appreciate the sun glasses! I got a crazy deal on them at Costco. It's my go-to place for designer sunglasses! :o)

And you SHOULD run!! But you can wait to register until closer to the race!

A Toronto girl out West said...


:oD Yaaaay the bloggies approve! Gracias! lol

And the hibachi was awesome! Once we got the knack of lighting the coals! lol

Krista said...

I am jealous of your oikos! ;)

Great glasses!

A Toronto girl out West said...


lol, Yes Oikos is awesome! I wish they'd hurry up and make Greek yogurts widely available in Canada. That way I won't have to drive to the States and bring back $20 worth (the individual dairy exemption) at a time! :oP

Anonymous said...

There's a dairy exemption? Good to know! I might have to take advantage of that when I head down to Seattle in August.

BBQ + sushi sounds like the perfect day. Well, any day with sushi does really.

Do you recommend the Rodney Yee? I'm looking to get a yoga DVD, but have no clue where to start.

A Toronto girl out West said...

Yup! $20/pp but don't go over 'cause then it's taxed HEAVILY!!!! It's a protectionist measure! Too bad $20 only buys you so much Greek yogurt! lol

And Rodney Yee is awesome - I'd recommend some of his workouts more than other. My favourite of all the DVDs he has is Power Yoga. I also like the Long, Lean and Strong DVD from SHAPE magazine. It's awesome particularly when you're just starting out!!!