Saturday, May 23, 2009

They're HERE! They're HERE!!!! The Manolos are here!!!!!

Hahahaha - can you tell I'm excited some?

I was thrilled when these little babies arrived. Especially 'cause I wasn't expecting them until some point next week. But for right now I'm going to tease you and not show you the shoe pics. Or you could completely ignore everything else I have to say and scroll down to the bottom. I won't mind! :oP lol

Running Towards a Half - Update

Thursday, May 21st

Today's run consisted of a slightly shorter distance. I did two miles at a nearby park and get this THE FIANCE RAN ALL 2 MILES WITH ME!!! I can't even tell you how happy I was with that development. He's doing so well and he's not even a runner. In fact he usually hates it. But seeing me start to train has motivated him. :o)

Now he's a regular workout buddy - doing weights, 100 sit ups a day (sometimes 200!), running, walking a TON (he loves to walk!). Plus he's eating pretty healthfully too!

I think the reason I'm most excited he's running with me is because that way if I'm starting to fade during my half he can jump in and encourage me to keep going the rest of the way (you know - just like Bobbi's hubby).

After my run I came home and did Jackie Warner's Workout. I LOVE this DVD! I'm going to have to review this one soon. You Jillian purists won't like this but I would rather do Jackie's stuff any day! It's awesome!

Friday, May 22nd

And on Friday . . . I rested! :o) As per the schedule. lol I like Fridays.

Today is supposed to be a cross-training day. I haven't quite decided what that's going to mean. I'm tempted to go for a run but I want to be well rested for my long run (yes it's long by my standards at this point). It's only 4 miles but that's 1.5 more than I've run on any single run this week.

I may just call this a stretching Yoga Burn day. We'll see! :o)


Unfortunately I don't have many food pictures from yesterday. I can tell you that for breakfast I had an oatmeal pancake smeared with a tablespoon of almond butter.

Then at lunch I had a rather traumatic customer service experience. It was such an unbelievable and horrible thing to have to go through. I was accused of things I had never done. And it came out of left field. After that I was really upset and ate my lunch without taking a picture. But it was healthy and yummy. In fact it was roasted vegetables and a very small (4 oz.) piece of sirloin steak. I'll have to have it again when I'm in a happier mood.

Dinner was a cheeseburger and some stolen spoonfuls of DQ soft serve stolen from the boy.

As for this morning . . . For brunch I ate a fast food breakfast! :oO lol Actually the only fast food breakfast I like.

McDonald's pancakes with a fruit n' yogurt parfait on the side:

You see once in a while the fiance has to work overnight on weekends. He came back at 10am this morning after having left before 8pm last night. I know those hours are KILLER on him so when those overnights coincide with a weekend he gets to choose whatever breakfast he wants.

This morning he asked for McDonald's and I gave in. :o) As long as it doesn't happen too often . . . in fact I think it may be nearly a year since I last had hotcakes from Mickey D's. They were pretty good but not as good as I remember.

That's what happens when you start eating low
carb, low fat, good for you stuff. The other stuff just doesn't take the same anymore.Not yet sure whether to be sad or happy about that! :oP lol

Manolos for the Bride

Alright - I know you've been patient. So here is what I discovered when I opened my box (EEEEKKK!!!):

I'm such a tease! :oD

*gasp* You can bet your stilettos I was crazy giddy by this point! In fact I had completely forgotten about my horrible incident earlier on in the day.

Once I tried on the shoes and figured out they fit perfectly (sorry Mara ;o) ) I decided to take my new favourite toys on a bit of a photo shoot for the blog!

Hello LOVER!!!! :o)

Nearly a four inch heel and easily the most comfortable pair of stilettos I have ever worn in my life.

Clearly Senor Blahnik knows a thing or two about shoes!

And the jeweled buckle FTW! :o)

Le sigh . . . I am a happy girl with these babies! Super excited to wear them when I go out to celebrate my call to the bar ceremony! Oh and I have some yummy food plans for that evening. I'll be sure to take pictures and post them when I return from vacation.

Cool Things you Should Know About

Mara's talented father has designed a line of food blogger jewlery. You can enter to win one over at both Eating Bender and What's For Dinner. Should you not win you can also order them directly through Mara. :o)

Costco is currently selling a Garmin Forerunner at a deeply discounted price.
Now I'm not at the point where I need one yet but I have been wanting to know what my heart rate is when I run. I'm tempted.

One of my friends from elementary school has recently begun blogging. She's been detailing her workouts (amongst other things). And I'm loving reading her musings. Follow along with Espirit d'escalier here!

For all you runners - ever wondered how to fuel up on your long run? Amy will tell you how!

The very talented Zesty is giving away a blog makeover!

Ever suffered from chafing while working out (trust me it's NOT fun)? Danica will tell you how to treat it and avoid it for good!

Woooo that was a long one! I'm off to run some errands and enjoy my weekend!

Catch you later peeps! :o)


Krista said...

Great post!

I didn't even know that McDonald's sold hot cakes!!! I must be living under a rock.

Your new shoes are da BOMB!!!

A Toronto girl out West said...


LOL That's 'cause everyone else gets the Egg McMuffins! :oP

But they're good. They have a slight vanilla taste. And they're very light in colour which is exactly how I like my pancakes!

And thanks for the shoe compliment!!!! I heart them something crazy! :o)

Mara said...

OMG I LOVE THE SHOES!!! I'm such a shoewench and I adore them!!! JEALOUS!!! I'm doing ghetto davids bridal shoes for my wedding, but they'll be TURQUOISE!

A Toronto girl out West said...


If they didn't fit you were the first person I would have offered them to! :o)

And don't worry I'm sure your shoes will be gorgeous. Turquoise is such an AWESOME colour!!! Will you feature those details in your blog?

And this is my only REALLY expensive pair or shoes. Some of my favourite finds have been at Target or Payless! ;o)

Kelly said...

I just found your blog and LOOK AT THOSE SHOES! So exciting- I also like the "cool things you should know" section. Lots of fun!

A Toronto girl out West said...


Awwww! I'm so thrilled you found the blog and totally excited that you love it!!!

I hope you come back! :o)

HangryPants said...

Beautiful shoes!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Thanks Hangry! :o)

That Pink Girl said...

They are gorgeous!

A Toronto girl out West said...

That Pink Girl,

Tee-hee! :oP Aren't they though!?!? lol

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

I'm in love with that manolo shoes!!! so high!!! so chic!!!
love love love it!!! :D

A Toronto girl out West said...


I'm so glad you love them too! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you and your shoes ;) I would probably break my ankle and/or neck if I tried to wear any shoes like that. But they are pretty fancy pants.

I don't think I've had McDonalds pancakes since I was a kid. My favourite part was actually the sausage patty & the syrup together. I know, I was weird.

A Toronto girl out West said...


LOL I wear heels pretty much everyday!! Definitely at work and often on my non-work days too! I like how they elongate my legs! lol :oP