Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Drive-By

Hola Bloggies:

I'm watching Grey's Anatomy and getting ready for bed. But before I tuck in for the night I want to do a quick recap of some of the goodies I ate while Blogger and I were having our spat.

Ready? Let's go!!! :o)

This was the week I finished off my Jay Robb Whey Protein powder courtesy of Eating Bender. Sniff sniff! :o( *tear*

He will be missed! This stuff is the best protein powder I've had in my life. Not gritty, mixes wonderfully, great flavours, and low in carbs. I've already begun looking at acquiring more.

I also indulged in some pasta with meatball sauce courtesy of our local Columbo Lodge. All the proceeds from the sale of the sauce went to help the survivors of the recent earthquake in Italy.

The sauce was SERIOUSLY good - these Italian nonnas know a thing or two about yummy pasta sauces! :o)

I've also started indulging in Old-Fashioned Irish Steel-Cut Oats at home! For the time being I think this will replace Green Monsters as my morning treat. I love how the oats get creamy (regular oats just don't turn out the same way) and make my tummy all warm and happy in the A.M.!

This was also the week I discovered Mary's Crackers (or Mary's Crack as some bloggers refer to these snacks). At first I thought they were a little weird. Gluten free and wheat free means they don't taste like bread at all. But then they grew on me. I wonder if I could replicate these at home. I bet I could! I may have to experiment soon! :oP

For Raw Wednesday I had raw pancakes for breakfast. They're made using flax meal, coconut oil, and a couple of other ingredients. I paired them with some slightly thawed berries. Verdict? Pancakes are best when cooked.

I don't think I'll try this one again although I'm glad I gave the recipe a shot!

Dinner on Raw Wednesday was a Rawsagna! :oD I kind of love the name! In fact it makes me giggle just to say it! lol

It was really yummy but halfway through the recipe I realized it was quite similar to last week's recipe. Next week I plan to branch out and try something totally different! Stay tuned!

I also made a grocery run this week. The veggies and fruit were fairly inexpensive but the health food purchases made the bill go up. Total was just shy of $80. All of that and no meat! lol :o)

Whew!!! That was a quick entry. I'm off to bed bloggies.

Sleep tight! :o)


Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

love that pasta dish with meatball......really really delicious!!!!! :D

A Toronto girl out West said...


It was really good!!! And for a great cause too! :o)

Sharon said...

Oh, I really want to try those Mary's Crackers!!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to try the Mary's Crackers, mostly because of the price. Must stop all these expensive food habits!

A Toronto girl out West said...


They're pretty yummy!


I hear you. They are pricey. Mind you I think they last longer than cheap crackers 'cause they're so dense (if that makes any sense).

Lori said...

I definitely agree about the oats. Steel cut are my new favorite. I can't imagine going back now! Interesting pancakes. I'd try them for sure, but I think I'd probably agree with you that they are better cooked. Good for you for being so creative though. The fruit looks awesome!

A Toronto girl out West said...


Creative yes. Yummy not so much! :oP But I'll keep trying! lol

I really think the yummiest parts of raw food thus far are the desserts!

Anonymous said...

Even though it's sad that the Jay Robb is least that means you liked it! That's a win in my book ;o) That pasta sauce sounds amazing! I haven't had pasta in WAY too long!

A Toronto girl out West said...


Oh I LOVED it!!! In fact I'm driving through the States to get to Vancouver next week and if I get the chance I'll pick some of Jay up!

Where did you get him?