Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quitting the Gym: A Selecttech Dumbbell Review

Hola bloggies!

Several months ago I did the previously unthinkable - I allowed my gym membership to lapse! :oO lol Shocking!!!

You see for me the gym had always been a bit of a refuge. A place where I could go and de-stress. When I moved to the Rockies I had a hard time finding a gym. Finally I settled on one but it just didn't give me the same sense of peace. It's one of only two gyms in this city and as a result it was always packed. In fact it kind of reminded me of some sort of fitness factory. It also didn't help that there wasn't much room so the machines were one on top of another. And if you wanted to do free weights? Well good luck with that!

And did I mention the cost? A gym membership can really add up (especially in this Rocky Mountain town)! This left me considering quitting the gym and taking my workouts home.

If I was really going to make a go of it I knew I would need to set myself up with some basic equipment. For now (since the weather is better) I can run outside but I really needed some sort of at home weight training system. After a lot of research I decided on the Bowflex Selecttech Dumbells!

Yes they're kind of huge but they're also kind of awesome. You see those two massive looking dumbbells take the place of a whole stack of weights.

The best part about these weights is that they're adjustable. My particular model goes anywhere from 5lbs to 52.5lbs in each hand!!!

To adjust the weight you basically turn the dial until the desired weight. You can choose to adjust either side of the weight differently although I'm not sure why you would do that.

Once you've turned the dial you just lift the dumbbell. The weight that you don't want will stay in the stand (they also sell a souped up stand that I don't own) and the rest will come with your dumbbell!

This (above) is what the weights look like when you've taken what you want and the rest is left behind!

And voila! You're all good to go and ready to workout with TV's favourite sadist! :oP lol
Overall Review: The Selecttech Dumbbells are pricey but well worth every penny!!! They take up little space and replace your gym's entire selection of free weights! They have been essential to my home workouts and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!!!

Where to buy? You can find these beasts at the Bowflex website or at fitness stores near you!

So there you have it bloggies - by far the coolest fitness toy I own! :o)


Jocelyn said...

oooOOOOooo nice! I've always wanted a home gym, but I have no room! Thats looks awesome though!

Krista said...

Those weights look really neat!

Love seeing Jillian on your TV in the background!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Haha, Jillian hasn't been on my tv today (or yesterday for that matter) and it's like she's using your blog to pop up and bust me.

Cool weights! I love new fitness toys.

Anonymous said...

Those look a little too hard core for me. Plus I like going to the gym. Granted, I actually have gym options living in the big city and all ;) And I only pay about $23/month, so it's not really that pricey.

Sharon said...

WHOA that is so hardcore!!! Totally awesome!

A Toronto girl out West said...


I don't have much room either which is why these weights are great. Then for cardio I run outside, jump rope, or do Jillian's Banish the Fat, Boost Metabolism.


lol Yes she decided to sneak in there! :oP


Just when you thought you could get away from her! lol Make sure you get your shred in today or she'll be taunting you on The Biggest Loser tonight! ;o)


Is it the Y? Here the gym membership (if you went monthly) was $105/month. And it wasn't a great gym. Needless to say it made the whole home gym thing so much more appealing.


lol - Thanks! :o)

Bec said...

wow those are so cool!

A Toronto girl out West said...


lol Yeah, I kind of heart them! :o)